Pondicherry Cafe At Sofitel : Thai Food Festival Review & Recommendation

This is my second visit to Sofitel and I am left as equally impressed as I was on my first visit 2 years ago to Jyran :) Absolutely gorgeous ambiance, the staff from the entrance itself are extremely warm and attentive, very elegant and calm property. Pondicherry Cafe is plush and luxurious in every sense, the pictures speak for themselves and the buffet here has something for everyone. It is also quite authentic,nothing has been overwhelmingly Indian-ized nor underwhelming-ly blandly presented. Love the way they have decorated the place with the theme of THAI Food Festival with special masks, mini umbrellas, flowers, exotic fruits, mini elephant statues and so on.

I definitely recommend this festival as worth attending. We tried something from every counter and really liked it all. Indian dishes of Paneer Masala, Karela, Veg Pulao, Yams, Dal Tadka, Raita, Tulsi Paneer Tikka were really great as was the Veg pizza and Grilled Veggies from Continental Section. Veg Dimsum platter was quite good too.

From Thai special section, I absolutely was floored by their special spicy Thai fruits salad, creamy Thai Green Curry with Veggies and Tofu, wholesome Thai Grilled Veggies with peanuts and the world best Thai Khowsuey that the amazing Chef from Bangkok Sofitel made for us. Never had such amazing burst of flavors through one bowl of Khowsuey and now I would be craving for this every time I even see a picture of the same anywhere! Thai dishes have a great balance of simple but strong flavors propelled by exotic ingredients and spices such Kaffir lime leaves, Galangal, Lemongrass - and food here definitely stays true to this aspect. I am not really much into experimenting so stuck to the tried and tested stuff and was happy.

The huge dessert spread here alone deserves 10 out of 5 stars with stunning dishes ranging from gajar ka halwa, chocolate barfi and kalakand to chocolate pastry, raspberry pastry, chocolate mousse, mango panna cotta and so so much more. Do not forget to try their Boulangerie special pre-plated Frangipani dessert, it is TO-DIE-FOR. I am giving an extra star just for this section (-and that Khowsuey!) Apart from this there is mezze platter, sushi, salads, a variety of breads and so much more on offer here and you need at least 2 full adult stomachs to try even half of what they offer :D So best of luck! 


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