Foodies Meet Up At 4 Year Anniversary New Menu Launch Of 3 Wise Monkeys, Khar, Mumbai

3 Wise Monkeys introduced me to the real meaning of the word 'chilling' about 3 years ago,in company of my college friends. It has been one of our regular haunts for simply relaxing without a care in the world. 

It was thus an honor to attend Foodies Meet on the occasion of its 4 years anniversary when they have launched a whole new menu and what a menu it is! There is something for everyone. Every dish we tried was simply fantastic. From cheesy Pizza Fries and scrumptious Panipuri Paneer, from perfectly spiced Indian Curry Fries to flavorful Mushroom Sukka, from firebomb Paneer Chilly Naan Pav to crispy delicious Peri Peri Paneer Pizza and from wholesome Dal Khichdi with Chilly Paneer to heartily portioned Dum Aloo Biryani, cannot find a single fault in any dish whether it be flavors, ingredients or presentation :) Every drink we tasted (whether cocktail or mocktail) also stayed faithful to the flavors and their proportions of fruits/spirits/syrups and ice,not to mention they all are visual treats too.

Every foodie is going to love all the dishes, specially because they have created variants in both vegetarian & non-vegetarian avatars for each dish! Oh, Peach Melba is a must-have dessert too, take it from someone who does not have much love lost for desserts section in general. Service is exemplary and ambiance is quirky, classy, albeit a bit dim but overall a worth-it place to visit more than once.

Read in detail at A Beautiful Life Blog too :)

Are the pictures doing justice to the array of deliciousness yet? :)


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