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Quaker Bowl IndiBlogger Meet April 2016

'Join us to discover the awesomeness that is stored in a bowl of Quaker oats...'

Thus ran the first line to invitation to all bloggers from IndiBloggers, a cause for concern for me since I would rather watch Kim Kardashian count all her lip glosses forwards AND backwards rather than touch anything with oats. It is always so lumpy and frumpy,I have no idea how anyone can eat it. However, IndiBlogger meets are always occasions to remember. So keeping aside my chortling for oats,I was pretty geared up to meet the surprise celebrity chef who was going to indulge us in a session of Quaker Bowl. Hmm...interesting :)

The venue JW Marriott in Juhu is one of the most gorgeous places to have any event. I am already mentally organizing all my matrimonial events in those glittering ballrooms. Having reached the venue really early,my sister and I took a mini tour of the hotel and hobnobbed with some other amazing bloggers. It was a laid back Sunday morning that soon took a turn for fun and w…