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Pizza & Pasta To Die For At 63 By-Lane Mumbai : Cheesy Delicious Diaries

My absolute favorite pizza place right now, I can spend the rest of my life just eating pizzas! These guys have the USP of making everything-pizza bases, sauces, pasta noodles, salad sauces, everything literally, from the scratch, in-house everyday. So everything is fresh, not taken from a jar and they also customize the order as per our preference. Staff is lovely and will suggest the best dishes according to one's palate, prices are very reasonable, quantity is good and more than enough for 1 very hungry person. 
We tried a lot of things and I particularly recommend  Salad 10- Watermelon, Feta Cheese based lovely salad,  Pizza 91- Barbecue Sauce, Tandoori Paneer, Bell peppers and Onions, so yummy!,  Pizza 99- Caramelized Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Broccoli, Spinach, Bell Peppers, basically the veggie overload!,  Pizza 04- one of the few places to make really delicious 4 cheese pizza, not stinky or weird at all, everyone will love this!  Pizza 63- For health lovers, a Mu…

Royal Ambiance & Food At Khiva : Delicious Diaries Indulgence

Small but elegant place in Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, completely doing justice to the name via its ambiance and menu. It does not just serve Punjabi or Mughlai or North Indian food, rather the complete spectrum of Uzbek, Afghani, Awadhi, Pashtuni food, from the regions ranging from Khiva in Uzbekistan to Afghanistan and ofcourse their assimilation in our own Indian food systems over the centuries. They make their Paneer in house, use specially imported yellow chillies and other exotic ingredients, every dish has an authentic taste, portions are amazing, prices are very reasonable looking at their outstanding quality, the service is very fast and staff is very passionate about the food they are serving as well, non veggies have a lot of options but surprisingly veggies have equal number of options which I didn't expect! 
I completely recommend soft and succulent Peshawari Paneer Tikka , spicy delicious Makai Seekh Kebab, astonishing Dal Khiva here that has an intensive 8-hour cooking…

Festival Cocktails And Introduction to Simi Your Personal Bartender

Here is something that happened right before Christmas! A Beautiful Lifeattended a Festival Cocktails Class at British Brewing Company, Mumbai and got introduced to Simi, our Personal Bartender, a chatbot that takes fun to another level. Just type 'Simi your personal bartender' in Facebook Messenger and find hundreds of recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. Whether it be a party or a festival, whether you have just vodka and lemon at home or tomato, whiskey, lemongrass and beetroots, just input it all and Simi will come up with recipes to be cherished. How cool is that! United Spirits (a Diageo Company) has just raised the bar higher when it comes to providing a whole new level of service to their consumers. Here is to some festival cheer, read more at A Beautiful Life blog :)

FBAI Dialogues : For Those Who Love And Cherish Food

Honored to be a part of FBAI Dialogues this past Sunday, with a plethora of celebrities in the food & beverages + hospitality arena discussing every food related topic under the sun. Great food, exemplary guests, mind-chow-inducing sessions, FBAI Dialogues is one event no food lover can miss. Read details at A Beautiful Life Blog and do take a minute to glimpse my pictures here :)