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Gujarati Wedding Mumbai Vasai Official Photographer - Part 3

The final installment of my first official coverage of a wedding is here. Check out the first installment here and the second one here . Indian wedding is all about family and emotions, it encompasses all the colors of life (from happiness,hope & joy to a tinge of sadness) and it is one of the most important occasions in our personal as well as social calendar. I just hope my photographs have done justice to it all! These are my personal favorites of the bunch, I hope that others also like these as much as I like them :)

Indiblogger Meet Full Coverage Mumbai 2015

All photos from Indiblogger meet at The Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai on 19th December 2015 for the launch of #FlipkartKids. It was a beautiful afternoon spent with some accomplished bloggers, scrumptious food, free-flowing cocktails in one of the best known places that I had been meaning to visit for quite some time- The Blue Frog :) I hope the photographs capture the bonhomie I felt there!

Indiblogger #FlipkartKids Meet Mumbai 2015-Thoughts and Coverage

The first Indiblogger event I attended, for the launch of #FlipkartKids on 19th Dec. 2015 at The Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai. This is actually the last Indiblogger meet of this year and boy,has it been an event to remember. The whole ambiance, the meeting of accomplished bloggers from all over the place, the chit-chat, the informal atmosphere, the warmth with which everyone greets one another and the lively interaction on the topic of e-commerce trends itself made it all an event to be remembered for long. 

I remember how,till a couple of years ago, people used to wonder as to how anybody could shop online. Today, e-commerce is a way of life for most of us! Flipkart is indeed the pioneer and now they have launched Flipkart Li'l Stars-India's biggest online store for kids and I can see how even kids will be hooked to online shopping now. Hey wait, they already are :D

Some really intelligent points to ponder over came across during our interaction with experts from Flipkart, Di…

Gujarati Wedding Mumbai Vasai Official Photographer - Part 2

The much-awaited 2nd part to my first wedding campaign as official photographer is here :D I had edited these pics quite some time ago,but for some reason or other (including very erratic internet connection in my locality this month!), couldn't upload it on the blog! Well, better late than never :) I hope I have done justice to the task of capturing the beauty & joy of the beautiful couple and their happy occasion...

Gujarati Wedding Mumbai Vasai Official Photographer - Part 1

Finally, I took one step ahead in my Photography hobby evolution. After being an unofficial photographer at my college friend's wedding in Goa, it is now time to announce my entry as an official wedding photographer! A full fledged Gujarati wedding in Vasai, Mumbai on 26th November 2015 is where my first stint as official wedding photographer started. I have a lot to learn, but as far as pictures go, these aren't too bad :D See and decide for yourself! The first batch of pics is here!