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Indulge in Twist of India With The Gourmet Kitchen & Studios At Yiamas The Experimental Space, Mumbai

There is a food revolution afoot. When we talk of progressive, contemporary, experimental food, somehow the conversation always veers towards world cuisines while Indian cuisine is considered boring. Thanks to Chef Harsh Shodhan who is changing the perception with The Gourmet Kitchen & Studios by presenting fusion Indian cuisine, a twist to the traditional. It was thus an honor to attend the preview of Twist of India, a pop up restaurant serving fusion vegetarian pre-plated 6 course meal at Yiamas The Experimental Space. 
Yiamas is an empty canvas unlike any other banquet or event space in Mumbai. With wooden beams supporting Corinthian pillars, vintage balcony bringing a feel of Greek hamlets and minimalist interiors with colonial windows,plenty of natural light and heart warming music, this is one space that can be used for any event, from birthday parties and fashion shows to pop up restaurants and wedding receptions :) It was a pleasure to be here with some chosen gourmands of …

Magical Dining Experience A La Arabian Nights At Opa Bar & Cafe, The Peninsula Grand Hotel, Mumbai

Already had a wonderful time atPeninsularestaurant at The Peninsula Grand Hotel in company of loved ones last month, so getting a chance to visit Opa Bar & Cafefor a review session with foodie friends was like a dream come true. The ambiance is amazing and crowd is classy. Colorful, vibrant and reminiscent of Arabian Nights in every way, this is one spacious place to chill out with friends and forget all stress of the day. Service is leisurely and prices are on higher side. Nothing matters when food and coffee here is excellent. 
Yes, even though it is a bar and has superb drinks (I recommend Long Island Tea), coffee is unbelievably good. Ferrero Shake is also a must-have. Among food starters, Mushrooms on Toast, Bruschetta, Cottage Cheese Aglio Olio, Brie Fritters are very good. Mushrooms are creamy, Bruschetta is crispy refreshing, Cottage Cheese melt in mouth and Fritters so cheesy! In main course, Pasta in Pink Sauce was my favorite, not too heavy and full of flavors. Ratatouil…

Barbeque Nation : Perfect Destination for Family Meals

Barbeque Nation is one of the foremost buffet places and THE place to have unlimited barbecues on the table in Mumbai. We have had a brilliant time on our mom's birthday last year and once more had fantabulous time at family dinner last week at its Kurla Phoenix Marketcity outlet :) 
Incidentally,right now, their Delhi Khau Galli Festival is going on which has added some Chaats, Parathas, Chole, Biryani and desserts to the menu apart from the usual unlimited starters, main course and Kulfi options. The food here keeps coming till stomach is in danger of bursting apart, service is unparalleled as they make every person feel special, ambiance is always cheery and bright and price point is absolute value for money. 
Starters are the best part with softest Paneer, Mushrooms, Corn, Pineapples marinated perfectly while Chaats,Parathas right now seem as if they were transported right from Delhi. Biryani, Naan, Makhmali Paneer, Haryali Subzi, Salads all made with just the right proportion o…

Magic At MasalaBar Mumbai : Food Photography & Food Review Session

Kalra is a name synonymous with topmost quality and innovation when it comes to F&B industry in India. Having already been to Farzi Cafe and including it in my favorites' list, it was just a matter of time that I would end up at another Kalra's establishment and this time it was MasalaBar on a food blogger session invite. Breathtaking ambiance filled with mirrors and candles, this is perhaps the most romantic ambiance for dating couples, pure and serene. Every single person who walks in must be wishing they had a 300 MP camera to capture every detail for eternity here :) 
As for food and cocktails, the level of creativity and chemistry that goes into their inclusion in the menu is astounding. They actually have a chemistry lab for all the innovative cocktails they present,distilling, de-hydrating, using magnetic stirrer, centrifuge and so on to create masterpieces such as Bollywood Bhaang, Sunset at Carter, Evening at Chowpatty, Malabar Point,Sasoon Dock, Filter Kaafi Uska …