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Cheesy Indulgence At Pizza Box Vile Parle Mumbai : Food Review & Photography

When we are in mood for cheese, we go for pizzas. And frankly, when are we not ever in mood for cheese? Pizza Box is one of those perfect places to take care of all our cheesy cravings. The pizzas here are loaded with toppings and cheese, with typical Indian tadka thrown in, and the starters/sides are also super duper delicious, not to forget some refreshing beverages to gulp it all down with. We tried, loved and recommend-
Green Apple Mocktail, Lemon Iced Tea - (special note-please keep beverages handy for some pizzas are really hot and you need these to douse the fire on your palate!) Crostini = cream cheese + corn + just a hint of chillies = absolute party in mouth, Paneer Strombili = Paneer Tikka stuffing with cheese baked in a bread = hearty meal for light eater, Pull Apart Garlic Bread = Warm bread + Cheese + Garlic + Butter = loads of messy fun pulling it apart, Hot Head Pizza = Jalapenos + Bell Peppers + Chillies + Hot Sauce = Dragon Fire in mouth, must-have for spice lovers, …

Pizza Waffle Festival At Tea Trails : Healthy Food Festival Review

Beautiful Ambiance, Efficient Service and Delicious Food with Healthy Tea options, what more could one want :) They have a Pizza-Waffle festival going on right now and we heartily recommend checking them out,especially for the pizzas. We tried a number of things -
-Matcha Green Tea, having much more antioxidants than simple green tea, this is apparently Japanese specialty green tea, 
-Cold Coffee was good but I would like it creamier, one too many ice pieces in there, I liked the dark chocolate hint though,
-Brownie Waffle was stupendous, drooled over the combination of chocolate sauce, nuts, garnished with almonds, this one was a decadent feast in itself,
-Fruity Waffle had delicious topping of strawberry pulp, bananas, apples which was heavenly but the waffle itself was a bit too hard, if it is softer this would be perfect too, I love the brownie one more and would definitely reorder it next time,
-Coming to SUPERSTARS, both PANEER TIKKA PIZZA and MEXICAN PIZZA deserve immense prais…

Box8 Desi Meals : Flavorful Tadka Home Delivery Vegetarian Food Review

Been ordering from many different outlets of Box8 since almost a year and half now and with just a few misses here and there,experience has been quite positive. So about 2 weeks ago,had a good feast at office with a colleague and again had a memorable meal. Delivery was done on time, pricing quite good for complete meal based on both quantity and quality and packaged in bright,colorful containers, 

Loved their Iced Tea and Masala Lemonade, both very refreshing, 
Superfit Paneer Salad was fantastic, with loads of jalapenos,olives, ice lettuce, paneer in tangy-sweet sauce, really great lunch option for 1 average eater, 

Mushroom-Spinach meal box which also had rice, rajma, onion-tomato salad and a piece of brownie, overall the flavors were nice and the box is big enough for a complete meal for anyone but rice was more in quantity than the gravy. Also brownie is okay, but we expected Gulab Jamun, meal was good but with these corrections it would be so much better and preferable,

Oh now come…

#GoVeg with Vedge Andheri Mumbai : Vegetarian Gourmet Food Review

Global favorite dishes served in an edgy veg avatar in a casual, contemporary and comfortable ambiance by superbly trained and polite staff, Vedge truly is a must-visit not only by hardcore vegetarians but also non-vegetarians because such delicious food at quite value for money price points should not to be missed by anyone :) Families, groups of friends or even couples, there is something for everyone here and it was an honor to be a part of review session for their new menu.

From sodas to freakshakes, from nachos to pasta and from pani puri to biryani, try out whatever tickles your fancy because everything my family tried was absolutely lip-smacking, so much so that my parents (who always choose the traditional kulcha-naan combos) also tried and loved dishes they normally don't! Every dish is loaded with exotic flavors and gives both gourmet as well as nostalgic comfort-food feel. Ask the staff to suggest dishes if you get confused with the vast menu.

We tried, love and recommend…