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Been to their Powai outlet last year and absolutely loved the innovation plus passion of the team that brought Morselo, they have tried to reinvent meals by providing classic Indian dishes with a little gourmet twist and the results are fantastic. Now they have opened up in Marol too so obviously had to try them out at my office, and once again, absolutely adored my lunch experience.

A lot of different knick knacks on the menu, almost each dish brings back some childhood memory. So we had -

Big Naan Sub With Desi Curry-Lucknowi Paneer Quorma- the stunning filling dish, lovely big sub with mildly spicy, very flavorful paneer gravy along with generous cashew pieces to bring sweetness, every mouthful enjoyable,

Nice side dish of Dilli Ka Ram Ladoo -basically little pakodas in a nice little chaat style presentation with chutneys, onions etc., can be had on a lazy evening for the chatoras in the group, and also their Fryums are amazing, just like how we enjoyed them as children,

For dessert, liked Signature Pink Ladoo a lot- desi motichoor laddoo but again bringing a touch of mischievous childhood in pink color and loads of crunch, brought back memories of having homemade laddoos during holi/diwali,

My most favorite Brownie EVER is their Madam D's Brownie- generous chocolate chips drowned brownie, if you heat this up, it feels like molten lava and if you freeze it, it tastes like the most decadent cross between cake-ice cream, this is THE BEST brownie hands down,

Even though I am not big on having beverages during lunch, their Hazelnut Frappe is worth trying out because of the brilliant roasted hazelnut flavor in every sip.

With nostalgia, deliciousness, ample quantity, excellent quality, very reasonable prices and carefully chosen menu, I have once again loved my lunch with them. Morselo, I will be ordering multiple times every week :D 


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