Morselo Food Review Mumbai Photography : Delicious Diaries

Been to their Powai outlet last year and absolutely loved the innovation plus passion of the team that brought Morselo, they have tried to reinvent meals by providing classic Indian dishes with a little gourmet twist and the results are fantastic. Now they have opened up in Marol too so obviously had to try them out at my office, and once again, absolutely adored my lunch experience.

A lot of different knick knacks on the menu, almost each dish brings back some childhood memory. So we had -
Big Naan Sub With Desi Curry-Lucknowi Paneer Quorma- the stunning filling dish, lovely big sub with mildly spicy, very flavorful paneer gravy along with generous cashew pieces to bring sweetness, every mouthful enjoyable,

Nice side dish of Dilli Ka Ram Ladoo -basically little pakodas in a nice little chaat style presentation with chutneys, onions etc., can be had on a lazy evening for the chatoras in the group, and also their Fryums are amazing, just like how we enjoyed them as children,

Neel Tote On The Turf Mahalaxmi : Signature Menu Review & Recommendation

​Lovely classy ambiance with old world charm and royal dishes from Awadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir on the menu, Neel-Tote on the Turf ticks all the right boxes to become one of the best places to dine at in Mumbai. No wonder it is always mentioned in most must-visit places by celebs.
Had a grand lunch with family, enjoyed their superlative service and every dish had a distinct flavor, none of the usual heavy calorific Punjabi dishes,and loved the generous use of rare ingredients like nadir (lotus stem) and asparagus in many dishes.
Pricing is on the higher side but for this level of food + service + ambiance, very much reasonable.
We tried several items from their signature menu that presents some of their perennial bestsellers over the last decade and everything is so worth it.
Right from warm and creamy Asparagus soup,
To soft and perfectly marinated Angara Paneer Tikka,
From splendidly stuffed Kandahari Aloo to soft like clouds Asparagus Galouti,
From tomato based gravy of K…

Pondicherry Cafe At Sofitel : Thai Food Festival Review & Recommendation

This is my second visit to Sofitel and I am left as equally impressed as I was on my first visit 2 years ago to Jyran :) Absolutely gorgeous ambiance, the staff from the entrance itself are extremely warm and attentive, very elegant and calm property. Pondicherry Cafe is plush and luxurious in every sense, the pictures speak for themselves and the buffet here has something for everyone. It is also quite authentic,nothing has been overwhelmingly Indian-ized nor underwhelming-ly blandly presented. Love the way they have decorated the place with the theme of THAI Food Festival with special masks, mini umbrellas, flowers, exotic fruits, mini elephant statues and so on.
I definitely recommend this festival as worth attending. We tried something from every counter and really liked it all. Indian dishes of Paneer Masala, Karela, Veg Pulao, Yams, Dal Tadka, Raita, Tulsi Paneer Tikka were really great as was the Veg pizza and Grilled Veggies from Continental Section. Veg Dimsum pl…

Monsoon Brunch Feast Review : Tiara, Meluha The Fern, Powai

You know a place is good when your hard-to-please parents reminisce about it days later, Tiara at Meluha The Fern, Powai, falls squarely in this category. Right now, they host a Monsoon Brunch every sunday and it is oh-so-worth it because they take care of everything perfectly be it extremely warm hospitality and precision on part of the staff, soothing elegant ambiance with plenty of room between tables to indulge in private conversation, soft music in the background to make the ambiance more relaxing and of course a huge spread with something for everyone.

With literally more dishes than one can remember or try, it is a herculean task for the Chef to make sure everything tastes memorable, and the team does a fantastic job. Soups, Salads, Appetizers, Main Course, Live Counters and Desserts, we tried quite a lot from each and were not disappointed by anything. 

Among appetizers, Kothimbir Vadi and Tandoori Paneer were excellent, perfectly spiced and delicately flavored, am still able to…