Taftoon Bar & Kitchen BKC Mumbai : Delicious Diaries On Grand Trunk Culinary Tour

Beautiful spacious abode of excellent dishes from legendary Grand Trunk route, binge on some dishes not available elsewhere, each one of them has extremely authentic taste (I have spent my childhood eating authentic Bengali, Bihari, UP, Punjabi food, so this was a beloved homecoming sort of feast)! Ambiance is elegant, the open kitchen rightly occupies center-stage, staff is polite and good at suggesting appropriate dishes as per one's tastebuds, service is fast and menu is vaaaaaaast with more than enough choices for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Each dish is succinctly explained in the menu and ingredients used are clearly top-notch. Loved and would recommend-

-- Shatawari Aur Kalari- Grilled Kalari Cheese, Asparagus, crunchy, lip-smacking, --Moccchar Cutlet -Banana Flower cutlet,crispy,excellent with accompanying mustard sauce, -- Dahi Bhutteyan De Kebab -Dahi, Corn, Kebab, melt in mouth softness, enough said!  --Chatpatey Paneer Tikke- Juicy Paneer chunks, well …

Contemporary Global Cuisine At AKA Bistro : Food Review & Photography

Beautiful ambiance, situated in the art district of Mumbai (Kala Ghoda), I suggest a visit to AKA Bistro for some delicious contemporary global food (adapted well to Indian tastebuds yet tasting authentic!) in a peaceful, spacious decor. Staff is polite, efficient, service is fast and price is at par with quality and quality. Had, liked very much and recommend-

Broccoli Cakes - Very soft, melt in mouth, must-have,
Tofu Taco- On sweeter side, a bit tangy too, my favorite in Vegetarian Tasting Platter,
For Vegetarians, Vegetarian Tasting Platter has couple of delicious little bites including a very satisfying Pita-Hummus combo :)
Malayasian Curry with Sesame Rice is a must-have one pot meal,
Eggplant Ravioli with Pasta, Pine Nuts, Arrabiata Sauce - the sauce was yummazing, will have this again the next time I am here, 
Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake- Self explanatory, chocolate lovers have to dig in,
Duo of Baked Yogurt- For those who do not want anything too sweet, this one is cool, mi…

Christmas Calories At Elementaria Bakery & Cafe : Delicious Diaries Dessert Indulgence

Small yet very comfy and cute bakery + cafe in Matunga, loaded with goodies for everyone from pastries to hot chocolate and from croissants to waffles. I hope they start with sandwiches, salads and cutting dessert soon too, then it would be simply perfect :) We had a lovely time on Christmas with delicious grub and fantastic service by super duper efficient, ever smiling staff. Prices on higher side but quality of everything is so unquestionably awesome that we would definitely revisit and say 'it was totally worth it'. We tried and whole-heartedly recommend-

Aztec Hot Chocolate -darkest, most luscious hot chocolate EVER, Willy Wonka Hot Chocolate -a bit dark,a bit light, complete fun and delicious, Green Thai Curry Puff -mildly spicy, wholesome, filling, Paneer Tikka Croissant -fresh, fragrant, soft paneer, Veg Quiche -medley of veggies,cheese,HEAVEN in a puffy avatar :D Kit Kat Dutch Truffle Waffle- crunchy,perfectly soft yet solid waffles, luscious chocolate all over, #Waff…

Vegetarian Nutritious Feast At Healthylicious : Delicious Diaries Browse Through Healthy + Delicious

Food that is healthy in every sense of the word = locally sourced, nutritionally rich, devoid of artificial flavors or preservatives or unnecessarily added salt/sugar, AND YET delicious to the core because it contains the basic goodness & taste of fresh fruits/vegetables/mild dressings =THAT is what Healthylicious brings us :)
Situated as a kiosk opposite R City Food Mall on 3rd floor, this must be the to-visit destination for all foodies to give our bodies a break from all the fast food and indulge in some much-needed health quota, at very value for money price points and with no prior perception of 'oh health food is so bland/tasteless'. Here we get flavorsome soups, crunchy salads, wholesome sandwiches, filling brown rice meals, cold-pressed juices that are turbo-charged nutritionally.
Vegan and Jain options abound on the menu, staff is very helpful and service is quick. Make a point to check out their menu that has been designed keeping all nutritional needs in mind. I…

Rainforest Resto-Bar R City Ghatkopar Mumbai : Delicious Diaries In A Forest In Middle of Mumbai

Ambiance of rainforest comes alive here, it literally feels like we are sitting in the middle of a dense jungle with a chimpanzee about to leap out at us any second, pleasant and unique setting, aided superbly by amazingly polite & helpful staff with excellent service and delicious food with large portions. Food is full of calories, rich in flavors and fragrance and as such, completely worth it even though priced at higher side.
Even though it is situated inside a mall, the outlet itself feels completely detached and in a world of its own. Hit international pop music lends young vibe with flat screen TVs screening pop music videos or current sports matches. Overall, definitely a must- visit place once, be it a group of friends or family. We tried many dishes, each was as expected, nothing gourmet, just lip-smacking food done very right, the starters are dense, cheesy and spicy to go perfectly with drinks, in main course I am partial to their Indian dishes, keeping alive the idea o…