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Delicious Healthy Diaries : Tea Trails New Menu Launch Review Photography

​Absolutely amazing place, serene and calm,to sip tea and read books for a couple of hours or just chill with friends, very efficient and polite staff too, great variety of delicious tea as well as some amazing food options for all meals, pricing a bit on higher side but oh so worth it for the quality. I have been here twice, most recently for their new menu launch in the summers and definitely recommend their creamy milkshake, upma, paneer tikka pizza, cottage cheese + apple + celery sandwich and chocolate waffles, all of them have some nutritious value as well as huge taste quotient. Absolutely recommended! ​

Fresh Feast : Mexican Express Bandra Mumbai

​I do not like Mexican food at all! There, I said it. I never go to any place with an intention to order tacos or quesadilla or burritos, but my sister was invited for a review invite here and she took me along conveniently forgetting that I do not adore Mexican food :P Well, I am glad she did so because I LOVED the food here! Everything tasted lovely, fresh, crunchy. I am not too well versed with the authenticity of mexican food but just going by the taste and reasonable price points, I am going to keep this in my favorite places in Mumbai and will come only here for mexican food! A small cozy place with good options for snacks as well as complete meals, Mexican Express is a Must visit.

I whole heartedly recommend Tex Mex Nachos which were topped with beans, salsa, cheese, jalapeno, olives and guacamole,

followed by Burrito Bowl with Potatoes,these are actually complete meals at such down to earth prices, an explosion of flavors with nutrition in the form of brown rice, gu…

Family Feast At Grandmama's Kemps Corner

​ It was great to be here on their opening night along with a lot of other foodies :) The ambiance is in tune with all other grandmama's outlets, it is spacious, staff is very helpful, the menu is expansive with everything from soups, pizzas, khichdi and rajma chawal to pizzas and pastries,and everything is as expected delicious though prices are a bit on higher side. Would love to be back here.
We tried and recommend Watermelon Cooler for a refreshing kick in the summers, Baked Spinach + Corn Tartlets for a cheesy wholesomeness, semi-sweet delicious Mac N Cheese, Grandmama's Special Pizza with Bell Peppers and Onions and don't forget the Gooey Chocolate Indulgence, worth all the calorie overload :D ​

Crazy For Chai : Chaayos Phoenix Marketcity Kurla

​There are very few places that I would return over and over again because they are a delectable combination of great ambiance, service, food and Chaayos is one of those few :) Recently opened, I was here on the opening day itself and compared to many other outlets, the chaos here was fabulously contained by very efficient staff who are always ready to help you in choosing the best from the menu. The menu is limited but very nicely replicates the feeling of having some delicious chai with snacks in a roadside tapri, memories we all love! There is something for everyone and pricing is perfect when looked at quality and quantity.
I had and definitely recommend their silky saffron masala chai (Kulhad Chai), creamy Desi Cold Coffee, brilliant Drinking Chocolate (don't forget to scrape off the chocolate at the bottom of the cup in the end!) and their Modinagar Shikanji is worth dying for,this is the best lemonade I have had all year. To compliment all the beverages, I would…

5 Star Recommendation : Bohemian Brew Excellence Beckons Mumbai

​Perfect combination of beautiful elegant interiors as well as outdoor seating, top notch beverage + food variety + excellent service and bit higher but completely worthwhile pricing, I wish to be here every week :)
I personally recommend their delicate Kashmiri Kahwa, refreshing Blueberry Flowering Tea, sweet+spicy+cheesy+zesty Watermelon & Feta salad (with vodka infusion), one of the (If not THE) best Falafel with Hummus I have ever tried, filling Spicy Cheesy Kuboos, fresh & crunchy Tea Leaf Salad, simple yet elegant cheesy Fettuccine Alfredo and their melt in mouth wholesome Cottage Cheese Steak with Ratatouille :) Can't wait to be back! ​

Club Anarchy : Food & Restaurant Review Plus Photography

​Laidback place with very efficient staff, good ambiance, rocking music, open space as well as inside seating with availability of sheesha which is a big draw, I did not expect food to be much good but it  really was and that is why will definitely revisit here when in the area :) Absolutely recommend Spicy Hunan Cottage Cheese, wholesome Cottage Cheese Sicilian, cheesy and flavorful Basil Pesto - Penne, rich and delicious Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak as well as mildly spicy Veg Biryani. Service was a bit slow on the day we went but they are working on it and prices are quite reasonable for the quality. ​