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Monsoon Brunch Feast Review : Tiara, Meluha The Fern, Powai

You know a place is good when your hard-to-please parents reminisce about it days later, Tiara at Meluha The Fern, Powai, falls squarely in this category. Right now, they host a Monsoon Brunch every sunday and it is oh-so-worth it because they take care of everything perfectly be it extremely warm hospitality and precision on part of the staff, soothing elegant ambiance with plenty of room between tables to indulge in private conversation, soft music in the background to make the ambiance more relaxing and of course a huge spread with something for everyone.

With literally more dishes than one can remember or try, it is a herculean task for the Chef to make sure everything tastes memorable, and the team does a fantastic job. Soups, Salads, Appetizers, Main Course, Live Counters and Desserts, we tried quite a lot from each and were not disappointed by anything. 

Among appetizers, Kothimbir Vadi and Tandoori Paneer were excellent, perfectly spiced and delicately flavored, am still able to…

An Evening To Remember : House Of Nomad, Taj Land's End, Mumbai

The very word 'Taj' celebrates the epitome of luxury and House of Nomad is no different, with a dash of sophisticated contemporary ambiance + International menu + mind-boggling array of liquor from all over the world + foot-tapping music, this is easily an amazing place to relax with friends over a few drinks or even have a light corporate meet! As expected, Taj provides utmost level of comfortable ambiance coupled with unmatched level of service with the staff trained in reading your mind and providing just what you need be it drinks or food.

Do not forget to try Channel No. 6, iconic is this mix of Vodka, Lychee and Coconut or go for breezy sweet Bollywood Hopeful and mocktail lovers would do well with refreshing Mediterranean Breeze with berries + apples or Soma Ambrosia with Coconut water + lychee + white chocolate. 

As for food, the specialty here is tapas bites from all over the world but it is presented with that quintessential Indian twist to make it lovable by people …

Technology Diaries : 3D Printing Hub At TiME TO 3D, Future Is Now!

TiME to enter the future is NOW, TiME TO 3D, and HOW!
While anybody who knows me knows how invested I am in looking at the world through my camera lens, once in a while something happens to make me look away from my camera, and look with awe.

Nope, I haven't turned into a poet. Just had a life-changing experience at TiME TO 3D, a collaboration between Imaginarium (India's Largest 3D Printing Company) and Time Media Group,situated in the heart of college-going crowd at Vile Parle, Mumbai. This is India's first of its kind hub that allows everyone and anyone to enter the stunning world of 3D Printing.
All of this sounds great in theory. But these people truly believe in the concept and so even in practice, it is pretty fab :) Walk in like I did, with no knowledge at all and walk out amazed.

What --> Printing is 2 dimensional, length and width. Add height i.e. the 3rd dimension (or call it depth) and there is the basic concept of 3D Printing. Basically, we live in a 3D world, r…

Deliciousness Home Delivered / Guest Post : Chawlas 2 Khar Mumbai, A Vegetarian Feast

This week LOUDFrames is proud to feature a guest post by Jaume Sanllorente, a Spanish Journalist who founded Sonrisas de Bombay (Mumbai Smiles) in 2005 to help some of the poorest and disadvantaged population residing in urban slums. Of course he is also a hearty foodie and here is a glimpse into one of his culinary adventures in Mumbai :)
Last week I could see that staying at home and enjoying the monsoon from a good shelter is not at odds with enjoying a delicious delicacy and being enveloped by the richness of the smells and the flavors of a good restaurant. 

That possibility was given to me by calling Chawlas, a local takeaway in Khar. To try it once means, without a doubt, to repeat it more often. Because the experience is highly recommended. Extremely friendly and with impeccably timely service, the dishes arrived perfectly packaged and presented, intact as if they had been delivered directly by the chef. When you open the excellent plastic containers, you start being invaded by t…