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Delicious Diaries Spiced Up : Masaledaar By Mini Punjab Food Review

Mini Punjab is already established as a legendary place in Mumbai. It was therefore an utter pleasure to be a part of their food blogging review invite at Masaledaar outlet in Thane, situated on the first floor of Thane Club. Fret not, there is no entry charge whatsoever for this foodie heaven, and what a heaven it is. While Mini Punjab has a lot to offer to hardcore non-veggies, even a devout vegetarian family like mine had excellent fare that would certainly bring us back here again and again.
Right from their jumbo glass of Chaas (served in typical GIANT Punjabi glass, this is enough as a meal in itself) to refreshing mocktails (for that much-needed sugar rush), from creamy Paneer Tikka (100% melt in mouth!) and cheesy stuffed Mushroom Tandoori and from fragrant Veg Biryani to oh-so-divine Gulab Jamun for dessert, we could not find a single false note be it in quality & quantity of food or warm and fast service by excellent staff. My parents especially loved the mildly spicy V…

Mouth-Watering Paratha Deliciousness from Oye Kiddan

A paratha delivering place, that delivers within minutes of ordering (sometimes even under 20 mins actually!), Oye Kiddan serves the parathas hot and fresh, packed in with achaar, dahi and makhkhan to make it even more delicious.

                I have been ordering from Oye Kiddan for quite a while and it has NEVER disappointed me. Be it the mouth-watering variety of parathas available on their menu, or their Lassi, their food leaves you definitely asking for more. The parathas have super good stuffing, including even on the sides which are completely melt-in-the-mouth soft and with the extra butter and pickle, it tastes even better. Although I feel that some of its parathas, like corn-cheese or mix parathas do not need any accompaniment at all.

                My latest order from them included the good old desi Aloo Paratha, Corn-Cheese Paratha and a serving of their Lassi. And it made my day! The parathas were served hot and the lassi was thick and had the perfect am…

Welcome To Heaven In Mumbai..Havana Cafe & Bar Launch :)

A cute and happening Cuban pub called Havana Cafe & Bar is the just the place to go to for a night of fun with friends after a loooong office week. One thing I would really like to point out right at the start is that, unlike most other pubs where music is super loud and is dedicated to just drinks, some chakna and people dancing, the theme of Havana is pretty refreshing, with different events taking place through the month, such as Ladies Nights, Open Mic Nights, Poetry Nights and the like. Bringing the lavish party culture of Cuba, which in fact blends in perfectly with Mumbai’s Friday and Saturday party culture, Havana Cafe & Bar proves to be just the place to drink and laugh with friends, owing to their beautiful cocktails and scrumptious food, along with their really, really funky deals through the week!

            Recently, my friend and I went for one of their cool poetry nights, which was hosted by Youtube sensation Aranya Johar (who recently shot to fame for her video…