Neel Tote On The Turf Mahalaxmi : Signature Menu Review & Recommendation

​Lovely classy ambiance with old world charm and royal dishes from Awadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir on the menu, Neel-Tote on the Turf ticks all the right boxes to become one of the best places to dine at in Mumbai. No wonder it is always mentioned in most must-visit places by celebs.
Had a grand lunch with family, enjoyed their superlative service and every dish had a distinct flavor, none of the usual heavy calorific Punjabi dishes,and loved the generous use of rare ingredients like nadir (lotus stem) and asparagus in many dishes.

Pricing is on the higher side but for this level of food + service + ambiance, very much reasonable.
We tried several items from their signature menu that presents some of their perennial bestsellers over the last decade and everything is so worth it.
Right from warm and creamy Asparagus soup,
To soft and perfectly marinated Angara Paneer Tikka,
From splendidly stuffed Kandahari Aloo to soft like clouds Asparagus Galouti,
From tomato based gravy of Kashmiri Paneer Gustaba Kalia,
To spicy Hyderabadi Paneer and Mirchi ka Tuk
From Nawabi Biryani (this is REAL biryani,same royal feels people!) to bread basket (Khameri Roti my personal favorite here)
And from the utterly refreshing homemade Ginger Fizz To Kalakand, Makhani Kheer and Banarasi Thandai Rasgulla (all desserts must-have here)

We really did not have a single complaint about any dish be it their presentation, their taste, texture, use of spices, everything is perfect and this truly is the best way to spend a lazy meal with family :) ​



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