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Food Festival : Maharashtrian Delicacies At The Earth Plate, Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai

​ One of the best buffets in Mumbai, was here for their Maharashtrian Food Festival that is going on till 29th Jan and it was perfect at all levels. The decor is spruced up with colors and artifacts to emphasize on the traditions of Maharashtra and the staff is decked up in traditional attire, making the festival truly joyous. Food galore with something for everyone, the dessert section specially is humungous and deserves a 2 day fast so as to be able to do justice to it all :) Food mainly has Maharashtrian delicacies, authentic all of them, replete with ingredients such as coconut, chillies, groundnuts, spices that are used extensively here and have earthy flavors. Then there is also a spread of salads, pizzas, pastas so really nothing is amiss!

We started off with bhajiyas and cutlet as starters and moved on to delicacies such as masala bhaat, veg kolhapuri, khade masale ka paneer, tamatar ras, papads, kolhapuri aamti, gavar c…

New Menu Launch Delicious Diaries : Desiklub Mumbai

The ambiance is colorful, family friendly, quirky artworks and Mumbai specialties such as soda bottles and dabbas and Mumbai street names adorning the chairs and decor. Staff is quick and polite, prices are not at all high looking at the quality and quantity, food is mainly Indian and local specialties with twists to appeal to everyone. 

Had, loved and recommend Masala Jeera, Indian Sliders (veg cutlets served slider style), 3Pppppppps (Platter of Pakodas spiked with Peri Peri), Chennai se China Tak (Idli tossed with capsicum and green chillies in a chilli sauce), Sabudana Cheese Vada (with Peri Peri and Cheese),Hum Saath Saath Hain (Tawa Noodles with Paneer Chilli ), Delhi Belly (Tawa Pulao with Vegetable Patty in Cheese Sauce) and Mukhwas for dessert with Paan Cheese Cake, Thandai Shots and Paan Jelly! Sounds delicious? It is! 

Healthy Diaries : Garde Manger Cafe Mumbai, THE King Of Health Plus Taste

Healthy food that tastes extraordinarily delicious, is value for money and makes us wish we could have it everyday, that's Garde Manger, a cozy place with extremely lovely staff and food that we cannot get out of our mind. Been here twice in two weeks and it has been absolutely fantastic 5 star experience both times. Bravo! One place where we can eat till we burst without worrying about piling on the calories since everything is made with fresh, healthy ingredients, keeping all nutrients in mind. Parents would approve of their kids eating out here everyday! 
We recommend everything on the menu, specifically Roasted Tomato and Basil soup, flavorsome Mumbai Local salad, wholesome Mezze Platter, desi tadka filled Cous Cous Upma, unbelievably crunchy and zesty Zoodles Salad, all with a side of Muesli Peanut and Quinoa Banana smoothies. Among desserts, the soft and sweet Chick Peas Walnut Banana Pie and Multi Grain Waffles Bar Belgian Chocolate are to die for. Just listen to the ingredi…

Delicious Diaries Meet Unmatched Ambiance At It Happened In New York!

An unmatched ambiance with staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty to make one feel welcome, a small but delicious menu with International influences but absolutely local ingredients and healthy preparations, this is right at the top of my foodie list for now! 
From Rainbow Bagels to Classic New York style Nachos, from silky Sweet Potato Salad to wholesome and filling salad The Grain Story, from fresh Vegetable Grill to rustic Bahn Mi sandwich with Miso Eggplant & Tofu, not a false note in anything. Sure, prices are a bit high but very reasonable and won't stop me from coming here at least once a week. As a chocolate lover, Mr. Daniel's Cocoa Pot de Creme is the best ending to any meal. New York is here and it is every bit as fantastic as it sounds :) Do take a sneak peek at the deliciousness here and make your appointments soon!