Magic At MasalaBar Mumbai : Food Photography & Food Review Session

Kalra is a name synonymous with topmost quality and innovation when it comes to F&B industry in India. Having already been to Farzi Cafe and including it in my favorites' list, it was just a matter of time that I would end up at another Kalra's establishment and this time it was MasalaBar on a food blogger session invite. Breathtaking ambiance filled with mirrors and candles, this is perhaps the most romantic ambiance for dating couples, pure and serene. Every single person who walks in must be wishing they had a 300 MP camera to capture every detail for eternity here :) 

As for food and cocktails, the level of creativity and chemistry that goes into their inclusion in the menu is astounding. They actually have a chemistry lab for all the innovative cocktails they present,distilling, de-hydrating, using magnetic stirrer, centrifuge and so on to create masterpieces such as Bollywood Bhaang, Sunset at Carter, Evening at Chowpatty, Malabar Point,Sasoon Dock, Filter Kaafi Uska or mocktails such as Berry Cooler and Sea Side. Vodka based/ whiskey based/ gin based with coffee distillation/ chamomile reduction/ absinthe foam as palate cleanser..that's how drinks are described and enjoyed here, just like in a scientist's lab, eh? :D 

Among food, fine-dine level molecular gastronomy is expected and presented, with Carbon Pav Bhaji and Kathal Burger being absolute must-have dishes. Infusion of edible carbon in regular pav bhaji and Jackfruit as a meaty accompaniment to regular burger, now who could have thought this up? MasalaBar did :) Or go for tangy-sweet Papdi Pizette, delicious Pan Tossed Mushrooms on Khari Bruschetta, heavenly little Baby Cashew Idlis, Mildly Spicy and filling Asparagus Biryani or the perfect Chaknas Chana Tempura Chaat! Everything has a unique twist and a delicious story behind it, innovation without sacrificing taste! 

Yes, it is a bit heavy on the wallet but the delicious food, outstanding service, mesmerizing ambiance and attention to detail in all departments makes it a worthwhile place to visit,especially for couples on special occasions! Read complete review and details at A Beautiful Life Blog :) Just give a look at the photographs below and let me know if they bring forth the magic.


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    1. That's Bollywood Bhaag, a Vodka based drink with in-house made Bhaang, presented in a skeleton shaped mug :)


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