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Diageo Reserve World Class Masterclass Mumbai At Farzi Cafe

Cocktails. Yumm. Yup, who doesn't go yumm when one hears the word 'Cocktails' :) So did I when news of Diageo Reserve World Class Master class on Friday 27th May 2016 evening at Farzi Cafe did the rounds. Now Diageo is the world's largest producer of spirits and its portfolio includes all our favorites from Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Hennessy to Ciroc, Myers's, Seagram's Seven Crown and more! Basically, if you have loved it, chances are that Diageo is responsible for your happiness :D Obviously, I was not going to miss this. And what a fabulous evening it was! Awesomely talented 4 Indian finalists of World's best Bartending Competition provided a feast for all our senses by creating some brilliant innovative cocktails for us LIVE. The theme was Fresh In The Season, hence fresh fruits and juices when mixed with some of Diageo's most premium luxury spirits created an aura of magic, some of which I hope to have captured in these pictures below.…

Breakfast With Brilliant Bloggers At ZooBar, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

It was a lazy Saturday morning. A bunch of us bloggers met at the beautiful and unique ZooBar in Vile Parle West, Mumbai. Read about the experience of actual food HERE where there were a few hits and quite a few misses but what made this breakfast morning special was the ambiance of this vibrant place, the swift service and some really memorable clickable moments. Here I share a few of them and hope it does justice to the actual meet :) 

Getting Farzified at Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel, Mumbai

When my sister got an invite for food review at Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel, Mumbai, I tagged along, not knowing just how amazing the evening was going to be. Having just heard of Molecular Gastronomy, it was sheer delight to see so much of science and illusion firsthand, with all drinks, starters, main course and dessert turning into a gastronomical adventure, the likes of which I will never forget. From Green Apple Martini to delightful Mishti Doi shots, from Tandoori Margherita Kulcha brimming with cheese inside to Vodka with Tea Infusion & Orange Peels, from Spaghetti in Coconut base with Tomato Chutney to Whiskey infused with Orange,Spices & Chocolate Syrup & so much more, Farzi Cafe takes the whole experience of gourmet gastronomic dining to another level altogether. This is but one glimpse of our splendid evening :)

Farzi Cafe presents illusion to all sensory organs, making it compulsory to forget everything else. And that I did! All I could do from jumping up and down w…

Official Food Photographer For Shloka Cake Factory :)

Desserts is not really my thing. It is more my sister's reason for existence :D Having said that, I cannot say no to chocolates. Who can? So when I was lured into doing a photoshoot for an up and coming lovely home-baker Shloka Nora with promise of free chocolates, how could I turn it down (there could be a different story to that,but for the time being,let's stick to this version..shhhh! :D) Well, here is my very first stint as an official food photographer! I hope I have done justice to the masterpieces that Shloka creates!
I had never done any sort of professional food styling or shoot ever before and as Shloka presented some of her choicest wares,it just made me more nervous. However, with just a bit of natural light angles and using chocolate pieces, candy wrappers, berries and cheese as accessories, I think we managed to create something beautiful :) And later, I was privileged to binge on that amazing red velvet cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake plus chocolate cupcakes an…