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Perfection In Every Aspect : Above & Beyond Mahakali Mumbai Review

​One of those rare places which have the perfect combination of delicious food, reasonable prices, excellent service, polite staff, upbeat ambiance, good music all of which culminate in a desire to come back here again & again :) We had a rocking time here and can't wait to come back, specially since it is located in a place nothing like it exists!
Love and recommend creamy hot Cafe Mocha, wholesome Mix Berry Smoothie that was more like a milkshake,
Perfect cheesy and veggie Pasta Alfredo Penne with Broccoli, Mushrooms and Bell Peppers,
Crunchy and scrumptious Water Chestnut-Artichoke & Cottage Cheese-Bell Peppers pizzas;
Dark and sinful  Smooth & Silk Chocolate Cake as well as soft mousse-like Mango Baked Yoghurt,
Not a missing beat in any department, I will be here with friends very soon :) ​

Food Festival : Thai Delicacies At Solitaire Restaurant Kohinoor Continental Mumbai

​Honored to be a part of Thai Food Festival at Solitaire and can't wait to go back here very very soon, as everything here is perfect, right from the very warm staff with perfect balance of hospitality as well as sense to give privacy to diners when needed, exceptional service, delicious food with distinct flavors, well thought out menu, very soothing ambiance and very pocket friendly too when looked at all parameters. This is the first time I was here and judging by everything, I am sure even their normal buffets are outstanding in all respects :)
They do not have 500 dishes in the buffet,rather choicest of starters, main course and desserts-which is still more than a person can reasonably eat at one time, and I absolutely recommend Tom Yum Thai Soup,Thai Spring Roll, Tofu with cashewnuts, Corn fritters, Stir Fried Vegetables, Sweet & Sour Vegetables, Thai Green Curry, Steamed Rice, Pineapple pastry, Coconut mousse, black Forest Gateaux and Thai Panacotta :) Re…

Delicious Diaries : Pan Asian Delicacies At 38 Degree East

​Honored to be here for bloggers launch party,this place has a rocking ambiance spread over 3 floors, extremely polite and helpful staff, a huge menu with good choices in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and so on! The bar is well stocked, prices are reasonable for both quantity as well as quality and whatever we tried was extremely delicious,
Specially recommended are Wanton Nachos i.e. crispy fried wanton wraps topped with beans in tomato sauce and sichuan sauce;
Veg Tempura i.e. Jullienes of vegetables dipped in tempura batter and crispy fried,
Veg 7 Jewel Rice i.e.fried rice with loads of veggies in spicy sauce, and Thai Red Curry that was really fragrant + flavorful,
Extraordinarily warm & soothing Burmese Soup i.e. shredded vegetables and noodles cooked in creamy coconut soup,that the staff got for me specially since I was suffering from cold, the staff here is exceptionally helpful, extra points to them :)
And for dessert, loved Pisan…

Family Indulgence Diaries : Mantraa Bar & Restaurant, Deliciousness Personified

​A great family dining place right off the highway, Mantraa is a must visit by anyone wanting to try some delicious gourmet fare in company of friends or family, the staff is very helpful, service is quick, prices are reasonable and they have introduced some extraordinary dishes in their menu that deserve to be tried out,
Love and recommend Kashmiri Shalgam soup with Fresh Turnip, Chilli, Ginger, 
Spinach and Kale Fingers with Chilli Flakes, Herb Mayo making it scrumptious even though it is healthy,
Real melt in mouth Mushroom Galouti, with Ghee Roasted Mushroom, Galouti Masala and Crispy Bread, 
My favorite was Rose Achari Paneer Tikka, softest Paneer tikkas ever with faint rose essence as well as hearty achari marination, this is a rare combination that is so successful!
We also loved Spinach Squares, a dish not available anywhere else, little spinach squares with crunchy cores, try this with whole family!
Among main course we had sweet-ish Jardalu Kofta-Apricot Hung Curd Kof…

Sindhful : Home Cooked Sindhi Cuisine Delicacies Abound

​This is the first I have tried Sindhi food and it has won my heart, I suggest everyone try Sindhful at least once, they are experts at home delivery and now have a very small dining area at their outlet too which can seat 7-8 people comfortably in a beautiful little alcov-ish area.
Loved and recommend Tikra i.e. Sindhi Phulka pieced fried until golden crisp topped with Sindhi Masala,
Dal Pakwan i.e. Chana Dal cooked in Sindhi Masalas served with authentic Sindhi Crispy FlatBread, sort of Sindhi chaat!
Green Seyal Pav i.e. very soft Pav with authentic Sindhi Green Masalas,
Chole Pattice with Pav and Chutney i.e. Chatpata Chana Dal stuffed Aloo Pattice topped with Sindhi Chole and served with Pavs and Tangy Chutney,
Bhee Tikki i.e. Chatpata Lotus Stem (Bhee) and Potatoes Tikki with a hint of Pudina;
And absolutely MAGNIFICENT Sev Barfi, a dessert like none other, a mix of Sev and condensed milk (I think), it tastes like Barfi/Kalakand/Moong Dal Halwa, absolutely indulgent heave…