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Delicious Diaries : Pizza Mania At The Bayview Restaurant, Hotel Marine Plaza

There cannot be anything better than chomping down on delicious pizzas in the company of some awesome foodies which is exactly what we did a couple of weekends ago at the ever pleasant The Bayview Restaurant at Hotel Marine Plaza. Shaped like a ship, the magnificent Marine Drive views, impeccable service, warm conversations and of course delicious food combine to make a memorable meal.

While I have always gone ga-ga over their brilliant buffet with multitude of options for everyone,  this time was reserved for gourmet pizzas with Chef Kshitiz Shekhar. Margherita surprised me by being utterly amazing and flavorful despite having basic ingredients of cheese,basil  and tomato. Provencal Verdure is made for those in love with a generous dollop of wholesome veggies like Asparagus and Zucchini while my favorite Peri Peri is a fiery delicacy with chillis, olives, spicy tomato sauce et al making it a must have. These thin crust beauties managed to steal all our hearts :) Read a detailed review…

#GetBroasted With Genuine Broaster Chicken : Tales Of A Vegetarian!

Genuine Broaster Chicken. No way a vegetarian is going to find anything here, maybe except a Veg Burger and some Fries. This is how all us vegetarian bloggers thought when we landed here for a review. But we were in for a surprise! 
First of all, the ambiance is so funky, I hope my pictures do justice to all the vibrancy. Then, we had the honor of watching Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi of 'Namak Shamak' fame deep in thoughts! Finally, we had the pleasure of browsing through the menu carefully curated by him with more than enough options to please even hardcore vegetarians :)
Cold Coffee, Raspberry Milkshake, Salted Caramel were the outstanding drinks while we browsed through a medley of vegetarian options in a Chicken based eatery! Thai Paneer Cigars, Palak Paneer Burger, Lachcha Paratha, Maa ki Daal, Paneer Maskedar..yup, just a glimpse of some delicacies that await every veggie here. Every flavor spot on, full of calories of course, spicy, portions could be a bit better but thankful…

Celebrate Food & Friendship with Tiffinbox Etc. Biryani & Curry Festival

Having heard great things about Tiffinbox, it was a pleasure to attend their Biryani & Curry Festival as well as sample their Thoda Hatke menu. Soothing functional ambiance, excellent service and delicious Indian food, with just a hint of a twist, all at the gorgeous Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai :) 
The cheesy deliciousness of Ricotta Vada Pav sliders, filling and wholesome soft Mirchiwale Aloo and melt-in-mouth Ajwaini Paneer Tikka were standouts in starters while Paneer Kadhai, Garlic Naan and Mirchi ka Salan just about stole our hearts in main course. Desserts are innovative and must-try,especially the Kulfi Sundae and Angoori Rasmalai with Rose Caviar! Yup, sounds delicious, tastes delicious. 
We also happened to celebrate birthday of a group member with their scrumptious Gulab Jamun Cheesecake :) Fun, Food, Friendship - Now that's a lethal combination :D
A bit on the expensive side but definitely worth it. Not much into Biryanis myself but the ones here are decent too. A memo…