Fresh Feast : Mexican Express Bandra Mumbai

​I do not like Mexican food at all! There, I said it. I never go to any place with an intention to order tacos or quesadilla or burritos, but my sister was invited for a review invite here and she took me along conveniently forgetting that I do not adore Mexican food :P Well, I am glad she did so because I LOVED the food here! Everything tasted lovely, fresh, crunchy. I am not too well versed with the authenticity of mexican food but just going by the taste and reasonable price points, I am going to keep this in my favorite places in Mumbai and will come only here for mexican food! A small cozy place with good options for snacks as well as complete meals, Mexican Express is a Must visit.

I whole heartedly recommend Tex Mex Nachos which were topped with beans, salsa, cheese, jalapeno, olives and guacamole,

followed by Burrito Bowl with Potatoes,these are actually complete meals at such down to earth prices, an explosion of flavors with nutrition in the form of brown rice, guacamole, salad leaves and so on,

another lovely meal or heavy snack option is Quesadilla with Mushrooms & cheese served with guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa, the mushrooms were so sooooo good and cheese was not overwhelming at all!

Finally Tacos with cottage cheese, salad, guacamole, beans, tomato salsa and soft warm gooey Nutella Quesadilla rounded up our dinner and cannot find a single fault in either.

Will be back soon! ​


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