Family Feast At Grandmama's Kemps Corner

​ It was great to be here on their opening night along with a lot of other foodies :) The ambiance is in tune with all other grandmama's outlets, it is spacious, staff is very helpful, the menu is expansive with everything from soups, pizzas, khichdi and rajma chawal to pizzas and pastries,and everything is as expected delicious though prices are a bit on higher side. Would love to be back here.
We tried and recommend Watermelon Cooler for a refreshing kick in the summers, Baked Spinach + Corn Tartlets for a cheesy wholesomeness, semi-sweet delicious Mac N Cheese, Grandmama's Special Pizza with Bell Peppers and Onions and don't forget the Gooey Chocolate Indulgence, worth all the calorie overload :D ​



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