Crazy For Chai : Chaayos Phoenix Marketcity Kurla

​There are very few places that I would return over and over again because they are a delectable combination of great ambiance, service, food and Chaayos is one of those few :) Recently opened, I was here on the opening day itself and compared to many other outlets, the chaos here was fabulously contained by very efficient staff who are always ready to help you in choosing the best from the menu. The menu is limited but very nicely replicates the feeling of having some delicious chai with snacks in a roadside tapri, memories we all love! There is something for everyone and pricing is perfect when looked at quality and quantity.

I had and definitely recommend their silky saffron masala chai (Kulhad Chai), creamy Desi Cold Coffee, brilliant Drinking Chocolate (don't forget to scrape off the chocolate at the bottom of the cup in the end!) and their Modinagar Shikanji is worth dying for,this is the best lemonade I have had all year. To compliment all the beverages, I would personally recommend Paneer Thepla Tacos (very flavorsome, fresh and mildly spicy), Palak Patta Crispies (so very tangy and yummy), classic Pakora basket that needs no introduction (just a piping hot kulhad chai to enjoy it most), and my favorite Spinach Corn Cheese sandwich which actually is a croissant and the best buttery croissant I have had in a long time. In dessert, I particularly loved their Blueberry Lemon Cake because it was not too sweet but refreshing enough to evoke summer memories. Honestly, cannot wait to be back here :) ​



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