Healthy Diaries : Eat To Fit Defines Nutritious Deliciousness In Mumbai

​Stars fall short for some places, Eat to Fit is just one of those! I wish this were situated close to my home, I would simply stop cooking food and order in from here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a small but warm place with exceedingly polite staff and healthy menu, they also send customized healthy meals to several clients nearby. Was here for review invite and absolutely loved everything we tried-

Very healthy and filling Fattoush Salad with many fresh veggies and paneer cubes,
tasty Panini Spinach Sandwich, the panini was extremely fragrant and the spinach filling was heavenly, 

Absolutely amazing White Sauce Pasta with more veggies and less cheesy sauce, this is actually more like a pasta salad and the staff very kindly put in loads of paneer cubes too which elevated the dish for me, it could be a personal preference thing, this is not exactly authentic pasta but taste wise absolutely the best ever, 

we also tried their spicy Veg Tomato Basil Soup and wholesome Veg Clear Vegetable Soup,and their soups are actually mini meals in themselves!

At one glance, prices may seem high but for the quality and the whole idea of serving food that is healthy but not tasteless, very much worth it! Recommended to one & all :) ​

Detailed Review at A Beautiful Life Blog!


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