An Evening To Remember : House Of Nomad, Taj Land's End, Mumbai

The very word 'Taj' celebrates the epitome of luxury and House of Nomad is no different, with a dash of sophisticated contemporary ambiance + International menu + mind-boggling array of liquor from all over the world + foot-tapping music, this is easily an amazing place to relax with friends over a few drinks or even have a light corporate meet! As expected, Taj provides utmost level of comfortable ambiance coupled with unmatched level of service with the staff trained in reading your mind and providing just what you need be it drinks or food.

Do not forget to try Channel No. 6, iconic is this mix of Vodka, Lychee and Coconut or go for breezy sweet Bollywood Hopeful and mocktail lovers would do well with refreshing Mediterranean Breeze with berries + apples or Soma Ambrosia with Coconut water + lychee + white chocolate. 

As for food, the specialty here is tapas bites from all over the world but it is presented with that quintessential Indian twist to make it lovable by people like my mom too (who is a hardcore Indian food lover but here she loved everything!) Especially recommended are Spinach and Goat Cheese Phyllo Parcels with brilliant savory + sweet hints, Grilled Vegetables like Aubergine, Bell Peppers, Zucchini and Corn (absolutely brilliant!), Bandra Sheermal Rolls with Bhatti da Paneer (earthy and calorie-filled) as well as Truffle, Arugula and Shaved Parmesan Flatbread (crunchy,exotic,must-have) and for desserts, Baked Runny Chocolate Cookie Pudding with Bourbon Ice Cream is THE bomb :D In summation,be a nomad and land here as soon as possible, absolutely recommended :) 


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