Technology Diaries : 3D Printing Hub At TiME TO 3D, Future Is Now!

TiME to enter the future is NOW,
TiME TO 3D, and HOW!

While anybody who knows me knows how invested I am in looking at the world through my camera lens, once in a while something happens to make me look away from my camera, and look with awe.

Nope, I haven't turned into a poet. Just had a life-changing experience at TiME TO 3D, a collaboration between Imaginarium (India's Largest 3D Printing Company) and Time Media Group,situated in the heart of college-going crowd at Vile Parle, Mumbai. This is India's first of its kind hub that allows everyone and anyone to enter the stunning world of 3D Printing.

All of this sounds great in theory. But these people truly believe in the concept and so even in practice, it is pretty fab :) Walk in like I did, with no knowledge at all and walk out amazed.

What --> Printing is 2 dimensional, length and width. Add height i.e. the 3rd dimension (or call it depth) and there is the basic concept of 3D Printing. Basically, we live in a 3D world, right? But our printers only work in 2 dimensions. With special printers and using materials ranging from paper, plastic and metal to titanium and even chocolate, 3D Printing creates true-to-life objects by adding layers over layers. 

Tell Me More --> This was exactly my reaction as I walked in to TiME TO 3D and saw cute objects all around, little busts of Einstein, souvenirs such as USB sticks, camera holder and headphone holders, little models of bridges and building - ALL 3D Printed! How is this possible? Well, this is the future folks. There is massive research being conducted worldwide because literally anything can be 3D Printed. The applications range from architecture to fashion to defence and so much more.

Jewellery can be printed or even enhanced using 3D Printing, in fact a gentleman recorded the voice of his beloved and got the soundwaves etched on his engagement ring using this technology!

3D Selfies can be taken using a scanner attached to an iPad, replete with possibility of touch-ups just like in normal selfie photos!

Old days of using heavy stuffy casts for broken bones should soon be a thing of past as 3D printing is perfect for customizing extremely light and well ventilated personalized casts!

I remember watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy where they were 3D Printing a body part for a surgery and it is not science fiction people, implants and even stem cell research is now getting a boost with 3D Printing!

Now there are special shoe soles being 3D printed for mass consumption in premium shoe brands!

In fact, an entire house, strong and sturdy, has been built using 3D Printing in Siberia, Russia, within 24 hours at a cost of mere 10,000 dollars!

Seems like facts out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not? Well, Believe it :)

The good folks at TiME TO 3D know how little this concept is known by the masses. That is why this hub has been developed to bring this concept right to our doorstep. It is not just a one stop destination for all information related to the astounding world of 3D, every person who walks in here gets to participate in this world.

WHY Should I Go Here :- 

1- Obviously, they provide 3D Printing services, whether you wish to have a souvenir for yourself or a unique gift for a loved one or even take a 3D selfie, the door is always open :)

2- They are adding to the knowledge base by providing various workshops and certificate courses in the field of 3D printing, and these are also customizable according to the needs of the person/group taking it. Maybe you are a jewellery designer or an architect or a doctor or a housewife or a student who just wishes to learn 3D printing in order to be able to make better projects! Whatever your need, they got a course for that in a totally non-intimidating environment :)

3- This is also a great unique place to celebrate an occasion like birthday, fun + learning, what could be greater than that?

4- Oh not to forget, the awesome 3D doodle pen. We all love to doodle, here we get to take it further by doodling with this special pen that uses heated plastic to create 3D objects like magic. These sessions are fun and also work as an interesting primer to the world of unlimited possibilities with #TimeTo3D

5- And ofcourse, all the medical, technical, defence and such applications (prototyping for just about anything) is possible here too, whether one wants to get something for personal or commercial needs, TiME TO 3D is equipped for everything. After all, the force of Imaginarium is strong :)

6- And after everything,if you wish to buy a 3D doodle pen or maybe even an industrial level 3D Printer for yourself, well again TiME TO 3D is THE destination for the same. 

Honestly, is there something they can't do? :D Yup, I know, we cannot 3D Print food yet but I am sure we will reach that level too sometime soon!

As it is said, we are limited only by our imagination. So set it free and do it at #TimeTo3D :)


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