Deliciousness Home Delivered / Guest Post : Chawlas 2 Khar Mumbai, A Vegetarian Feast

This week LOUDFrames is proud to feature a guest post by Jaume Sanllorente, a Spanish Journalist who founded Sonrisas de Bombay (Mumbai Smiles) in 2005 to help some of the poorest and disadvantaged population residing in urban slums. Of course he is also a hearty foodie and here is a glimpse into one of his culinary adventures in Mumbai :)

Last week I could see that staying at home and enjoying the monsoon from a good shelter is not at odds with enjoying a delicious delicacy and being enveloped by the richness of the smells and the flavors of a good restaurant. 

That possibility was given to me by calling Chawlas, a local takeaway in Khar. To try it once means, without a doubt, to repeat it more often. Because the experience is highly recommended. Extremely friendly and with impeccably timely service, the dishes arrived perfectly packaged and presented, intact as if they had been delivered directly by the chef. When you open the excellent plastic containers, you start being invaded by the fantastic smells of the food. But, without a doubt, the best of experience is to take their succulent delicacies to the mouth. The menu offers all kinds of dishes, but as you know, this blog is mainly dedicated to vegetarian food, so it was my command : Vegetarian food but not less tasty (the restaurant also offers a good range of non-vegetarian dishes worthy of being tested). I ordered about five dishes. They were so good that I did not know where to begin. 

So I started with his succulent veg seekh kabab. To take a bite is to lodge in the mouth an explosion of flavors that invites to continue eating this star dish, that is worth trying. 

Later I tried the other dishes; all of them amazing: paneer tikka masala (intense and surrounding); dal makkani (awesome, really; another must try), rajma masala (its flavour was so rich that I couldn't stop eating). Both its base ingredients and its sauces are an orchestra with numerous notes of flavor in which the resulting melody is a wonderful cuisine worthy of being tested. 

The biggest surprise, no doubt, was the Kashmir Dum Aloo. Simple and superbly spectacular. Presented differently than in other restaurants, tasting it is quite an experience; I would say a must for those vegetarians and non-vegetarians chosing try the wonderful offer of this place. 

All this accompanied by a delicious range of tasty naans, whose great variety deserves to be tried. From now on, when my appetite invades and the storm begins to appear through the windows of my home, I will immediately know that one of the best options will be to pick up the phone and dial the Chawlas number to enjoy, once more, its delicious delicacies.


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