Mouth-Watering Paratha Deliciousness from Oye Kiddan

                A paratha delivering place, that delivers within minutes of ordering (sometimes even under 20 mins actually!), Oye Kiddan serves the parathas hot and fresh, packed in with achaar, dahi and makhkhan to make it even more delicious.

                I have been ordering from Oye Kiddan for quite a while and it has NEVER disappointed me. Be it the mouth-watering variety of parathas available on their menu, or their Lassi, their food leaves you definitely asking for more. The parathas have super good stuffing, including even on the sides which are completely melt-in-the-mouth soft and with the extra butter and pickle, it tastes even better. Although I feel that some of its parathas, like corn-cheese or mix parathas do not need any accompaniment at all.

                My latest order from them included the good old desi Aloo Paratha, Corn-Cheese Paratha and a serving of their Lassi. And it made my day! The parathas were served hot and the lassi was thick and had the perfect amount of sweetness in it, no less no more than required.

                The best part is their packing. A paper box, which serves as a plate as well, so no hassle of dirtying the table and disposable, doing its part of helping the environment too, being a recyclable material.

                But they serve one pickle, one butter, one cup of curd whether you order one paratha or two. I would really request them to serve with two accompaniments for two parathas please. Pickle can remain one of course, but with butter and curd, we would like exclusive accompaniments for each paratha. It becomes difficult to share it, especially since when we order from office, the orders belong to different people and then we fall short of the accompaniments.

                Coming to prices, so starting from Rs. 75, it is fairly decently priced for the quality it is offering. Waiting to try its other items on the menu, since I am hearing good things about its Meals too! A must recommended delivery outlet, especially for some good desi luncheon at work!


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