Indiblogger #FlipkartKids Meet Mumbai 2015-Thoughts and Coverage

The first Indiblogger event I attended, for the launch of #FlipkartKids on 19th Dec. 2015 at The Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai. This is actually the last Indiblogger meet of this year and boy,has it been an event to remember. The whole ambiance, the meeting of accomplished bloggers from all over the place, the chit-chat, the informal atmosphere, the warmth with which everyone greets one another and the lively interaction on the topic of e-commerce trends itself made it all an event to be remembered for long. 

I remember how,till a couple of years ago, people used to wonder as to how anybody could shop online. Today, e-commerce is a way of life for most of us! Flipkart is indeed the pioneer and now they have launched Flipkart Li'l Stars-India's biggest online store for kids and I can see how even kids will be hooked to online shopping now. Hey wait, they already are :D

Some really intelligent points to ponder over came across during our interaction with experts from Flipkart, Disney, Chhota Bheem. Not only are the parents nowadays so aware and in tune with world trends, the kids are no less. They have themed parties, they know how to operate smartphones and tablets, they love browsing through the internet, they have this competitive spirit where they want the same toys & games that their friends have! They know exactly what is 'in' and what is 'not'. Moreover, they want everything NOW because waiting for something is so passe :D It was definitely funny to hear mommy bloggers chipping in with their own experiences in this regard and awe-inspiring how truly our world has changed in such a short span of time!

E-commerce is changing rapidly. As parents & kids get more discerning and demanding, the sellers have to keep up with their expectations. Nice to see that Flipkart is working towards that. As customers, the feedback that we provide is of utmost importance to them so that they can work on their shortcomings and make it the best ever buyer experience for us. I find the rapidly changing world of e-commerce and technology to inculcate a symbiotic relationship between buyers and sellers where it turns into a win-win situation for both of us :)

All this might seem like heavy duty information, but it was all actually a part of very interesting discussion. It was not all work though, this meet had loads of tasty food, cocktails, selfie sessions and even an ad-mad game to turn into a complete playground for us adults :D The icing on the cake was the cute Chhota Bheem soft toy we all got as a gift from Flipkart in the end! My favorite part was however a real live Chhota Bheem dancing and meeting all of us.

A pleasure to be at,I am looking forward to more such events and I wish Flipkart Li'l Stars all the best :)


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