Christmas Calories At Elementaria Bakery & Cafe : Delicious Diaries Dessert Indulgence

Small yet very comfy and cute bakery + cafe in Matunga, loaded with goodies for everyone from pastries to hot chocolate and from croissants to waffles. I hope they start with sandwiches, salads and cutting dessert soon too, then it would be simply perfect :) We had a lovely time on Christmas with delicious grub and fantastic service by super duper efficient, ever smiling staff. Prices on higher side but quality of everything is so unquestionably awesome that we would definitely revisit and say 'it was totally worth it'. We tried and whole-heartedly recommend-

Aztec Hot Chocolate -darkest, most luscious hot chocolate EVER,
Willy Wonka Hot Chocolate -a bit dark,a bit light, complete fun and delicious,
Green Thai Curry Puff -mildly spicy, wholesome, filling,
Paneer Tikka Croissant -fresh, fragrant, soft paneer,
Veg Quiche -medley of veggies,cheese,HEAVEN in a puffy avatar :D
Kit Kat Dutch Truffle Waffle- crunchy,perfectly soft yet solid waffles, luscious chocolate all over, #WaffleIsBAE
Hazel Velvet Tub Cake -best ever mix of red velvet and chocolate well, unmissable,
Sea Salt Caramel Cupcake -spongy, creamy, salty-sweet-luscious-cannot-share-this-with-anyone,

And basically anything else from their sinful indulgent display, be it Baked Cheesecake or Dark Choco Raspberry Cupcake or Red Velvet Pastry or literally choose anything, it is gonna be awesome. Must-visit place for all foodies and especially Dessert Monsters like my sister :D


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