Taftoon Bar & Kitchen BKC Mumbai : Delicious Diaries On Grand Trunk Culinary Tour

Beautiful spacious abode of excellent dishes from legendary Grand Trunk route, binge on some dishes not available elsewhere, each one of them has extremely authentic taste (I have spent my childhood eating authentic Bengali, Bihari, UP, Punjabi food, so this was a beloved homecoming sort of feast)! Ambiance is elegant, the open kitchen rightly occupies center-stage, staff is polite and good at suggesting appropriate dishes as per one's tastebuds, service is fast and menu is vaaaaaaast with more than enough choices for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Each dish is succinctly explained in the menu and ingredients used are clearly top-notch. Loved and would recommend-

-- Shatawari Aur Kalari- Grilled Kalari Cheese, Asparagus, crunchy, lip-smacking,
--Moccchar Cutlet -Banana Flower cutlet,crispy,excellent with accompanying mustard sauce,
-- Dahi Bhutteyan De Kebab -Dahi, Corn, Kebab, melt in mouth softness, enough said! 
--Chatpatey Paneer Tikke- Juicy Paneer chunks, well marinated in spicy pudina rub,very flavorful,
-- Malai Broccoli aur Gobi- Creamy marinade for Broccoli + Cauliflower, subtle yet lip smacking flavors,
-- Chukandar E Shammi -Beetroots, cheese, paneer in kebab form, unbelievably smooth, dense, unforgettably good, again a very unique dish,
--Bharwan Kadhai -spicy tangy stuffed tomatoes, brinjals, okra, chillies, lovely gravy, goes well with all breads, 
--Maa Choliya Daal- creamiest butteriest punjabi langar daal, absolute must-have, 
--Laal Naan- crispy and fluffy,bestseller for a reason, it is delicious to the core, can be had by itself or with daal or with any gravy, 
--Rampuri Paratha- Forget the calories, binge on this, mildly sweet, cashews are a part of the dough! Very Royal taste,
--Baquearkhani -Poppy seeds on top give nice crunch, wholesomely delicious,
-- Litti Chokha-MUST HAVE dish from Bihar, in-house made besan stuffed in wheat dumplings, served alongside potatoes mash and brinjal-onion mash, very different dish, not available easily in Mumbai, very very authentic, 
--Kashmiri Kahwa Tea -Served in the beginning of the meal, this one is a silky mix of saffron, spices, nuts, honey, excellent start to a royal feast, 
--Dates & Pineapple mocktail and Hibiscus Iced Tea are great drink options, in fact every drink here, be it mocktail or cocktail, is excellent and can be given a try,
-- For dessert, Chenna Platter is very much recommended, it is a platter of some mini versions of beloved Bengali Chenna sweets that again are not available easily in Mumbai, at least not in this authentic tasting form (except for some niche sweet shops)

Basically, Taftoon deserves 4-5 trips for browsing through its menu and trying out everything it has to offer, and from the excellent feast we were able to try, we know that we won't be disappointed in our multiple future visits :) 


  1. All The reciepes are really good. especially Corn Kabab and Dessserts. Thanks for always giving a new experience.


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