Summer Garden Powai Mumbai : Healthy Nutritious Delicious Food Review

Perfect place for those who are into health food or basically food good for the body. Made using freshest, mostly organic, local ingredients, superfood grains such as red rice, amaranth et al, using no processed salt/sugar, they serve some brilliant dishes, most of which would take some getting used to for non-experimental palates. I love my pizzas and pastas and fast food like anyone else but once in a while, I do want to detox my body and Summer Garden is what I would revisit for that :)

Ambiance is natural, breezy, open, wood and jute enhanced, like the village machaan in old days or a shack in Goa/Hawaii. Nice music in the background, staff is very polite and efficient, service is fast, everything is made from scratch once the order is placed, food is presented well and prices are high but the whole concept + execution makes it worth it.

I had, loved and recommend-

Yogi Smoothie- Brilliant combo of Dates, Banana, Hazelnut, Almonds, Coconut Water, Cinnamon,

Epic Shake- Raw Cacao Powder, Figs, something very different and must-have for every chocolate lover,

Smoked Avocado Sandwich - Sourdough bread, Smashed Avocado, Tomato, Olive Tapenade, Roccula, Toasted Almonds, Olive Crumble, nice sour-y and wholesome taste, filling for a very light eater,

Mushroom Cigars- Slow Cooked Mushrooms in Filo, baked to perfection, even a non-mushroom lover like me really loved it, the bed of mustard sauce it was presented in gave a good tough punch,

Indian Salad Bowl- Spiced Chickpea, Mushroom & Broccoli Tossed Red Rice, Yogurt Tamarind Jam, the flavors of sweet-spicy played well with each other, my absolute flavor, must-have here, probably the best choice for those who want to play it safe because the flavors are so very Indian!

Rosti Potato- Crunchy Potato Rosti, Lemon Aioli, Baby Spinach and Orange Salad, I would have this for breakfast any day, strong individual flavors of potato, orange, spinach, basic but delicious,

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Baked Toffee Pudding, Sticky Toffee Sauce & Toasted Almond Ice Cream, MUST-HAVE for the caramel-y overload, share between 2-3 people,

Brioche- Golden Buttered Brioche, Jaggery Caramel and Toasted Almond Ice Cream, another MUST-HAVE for the warm, buttery feeling it evokes along with feeling like silk on palate, again share between 2 people! 


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