Ph Se Food Mulund : Vegetarian Food Family Friends Fun Feast Review

Pure Veg foodies rejoice and even bring your non-veg loving foodie friends here because there is something delicious for everyone here. Be it safe old favorites or new contemporary twist fusion food or even if you want to have something not on the menu, it will be served here. The staff is trained well to surprise everyone, so whether you want a simple time honored pizza/ pasta/ biryani/ thai curry or something out of this world (like maggi bhature or pav bhaji pasta or khakra pizza) you can tell them and they will make it. Literally that's how they roll. Special stars for their ingenuity, creativity and hospitality :)

Ambiance is vibrant, beautiful, good family vibe but not boring in any way, prices seem a bit on the higher side but totally worth it, their level of customization is exceptionally high, so do not forget to tell them how you like your food -extra salty/ spicy/ sweet - and you will get that for sure. 

Tried quite a bit of their offerings and was impressed with all of them be it quantity or quality-

Burmese Khao Suey Soup- warm, comforting, mildly sweet, mildly sour, fragrant, delicious

Broccoli Cheddar Soup- Must-have for anyone, especially recommended for those like my sister who love dense cheesy flavors, 

Hot Toddy-an Off the menu drink the caring Chef made for us-this one is a must-have with its blend of honey,cinnamon, cloves, apple slices...

Chole Bhature Bomb- Choley wrapped in bhature, deep fried, crunchy, flavorful, every bite delicious,

Veg Cannelloni - Cheese lovers will love this ocean of cheese and veggies, 

Melting Cheese Bun - Bread, nice mix of crunchy fresh veggies, tossed in cheese, an additional layer of cheese on top, melted in front of our eyes with a flame torch, 

Tawa Pulao and Masala Pav -Mom's favorite dish here with spicy veggie laden pulao and little soft pieces of pav bringing rich flavors to life,

Boondi Laddoo Ice cream- Have this before you die! Nothing like anything else I have had and I wish they start selling it in family or party packs soon :D

Orange Rasgulla -It is like they put fresh orange juice inside a rasgulla- again, I wish they start selling it by Kilos along with their innovative ice creams! Desserts here are out of this world and warrant multiple visits on their own :)

Ph Se Food might very well be my new best friend in the whole of Mumbai central suburbs area, will be back soon! 


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