The Good Wife Sunday Brunch BKC Mumbai : Healthy Deliciousness Food Review

Sundays are sorted with Sunday Brunch at The Good Wife. Walk in to the relaxed and elegant ambiance on a lazy sunday afternoon,like we did yesterday. This is a place you can come to with a sibling or your significant other or your friends, it is welcoming, contemporary, fun and cheery, all at the same time. Staff is very efficient and service is fast. Sunday Brunch has a plethora of tempting salads + desserts laid out buffet style while a menu for hot made-to-order main course + drinks is handed at the table.

From the made to order menu,we tried Creamy Polenta (cornmeal) with vegetables and it was delicious while Spinach Ricotta Ravioli was quite creamy too. It was the salads + desserts buffet actually that completely stole the show. A bevy of healthy & delicious salads, breads, dips and absolutely amazing desserts, I am glad they have not kept 50 dishes out here, it is just 10-12 choicest ones and they are stunning, enough to send me back for 3 helpings! A glimpse at some dishes we had & loved-

Fresh fragrant breads,
Basil butter,
Pita bread-Hummus-Olives-Baba Ghanoush,
Watermelon-Feta Cheese-fresh indulgence,
Beetroots-Feta Cheese-so wholesome and nuts added crunch,
Zucchini Spaghetti with Brown Butter,
Cauliflower-Carrots-Broccoli in mildly spicy-tangy dressing,
Spinach-Corn-Cheese Quiche (had 6 of these!Unbelievably good),
Gourmet Cheese Platter with Crackers and Chikki-add up the much-needed proteins to diet,
Kale-Quinoa Salad with cheese adding a little bit of density,
Cherry Tomatoes-Mozarella salad, simply perfect,
Fresh Fruits Salad,
Philadelphia Cheesecake (was tempted to steal some for later :P),
Panna Cotta-just the correct ratio of sweetness, creaminess and lightness,
Creme Brulee - the most amazing version I have ever had,
Chocolate Brownie -Imagine the darkest,most luscious chocolate and make a brownie out of it!

And more! Cannot wait to be back, soon :) 


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