Vegetarian Delicacies At Bogeto Cafe : Food Review & Photography

An all vegetarian cafe plus restaurant, Bogeto Cafe serves some mouth watering delicacies that fall under the fusion category of Indian cuisine. So on a day when I had to visit my college in town for some work, I decided to combine my south Bombay trip with this review invite and try some of the items on their menu (there were three of us and we tried the following):


1.       Rustic Tomato Soup
This was my favourite of the day. Very fresh, hot and thick, just the way I like it with perfect amount of salt and perfect blend of tomatoes and bell peppers with drizzle of pesto. Quantity was perfect for ½ servings. The aftertaste was velvety and light and the perfect start to the meal ahead.

2.      Watermelon Feta with Rocket Leaves and Balsamic Reduction
The portion was brilliant with loads of watermelon cubes and right amount of cheese and rocket eaves. But there was a bit of salt overdose with the balsamic reduction that made the salad slightly tangy and more salty than required.

3.      Jalapeno and Three Cheese Poppers
Served with sweet and spicy dip, this one was surprisingly good. Gooey inside and crispy outside, it was good to see no dripping oil. Enjoyed every morsel of it, especially with the sweet-spicy chilly dip!

4.      Falafel Platter
The whole package, this was a treat for falafel and hummus lovers with soft pita breads, crispy falafel fritters and smooth hummus and dips.

5.      Bisse Bille Araancinni with Chutney
This one had salt missing from it completely. The chutney was a saviour but some salt in araancinni balls would have been much better.

6.      Soya Kheema Patti Samosa
Being a vegetarian, I don’t know what real kheema tastes like, but I do know what they smell like. And as science says that the smell of any food item is 70% of its taste, this vegetarian version of kheema samosa smelled a lot like the real non-veg one – full points for that! So for someone, who is fond of kheemas, this will be very nice. 


1.       Mint condition Skull Shake
Served in a skull shaped container, with rainbows all around the skull, this was something very interesting. As an accompaniment to this shake they also serve a platter of gooey chocofudge (very gooey and melt in mouth), mint mousse (it felt like a serving of plain cream to be honest. There was no hint of mint in it at all) and chocolate cookie sandwich (delicious!). The shake had a blend of choco-mint ice cream which tasted amazing. Definitely worth a try!

2.      Cheshire Cat Skull Shake
Strawberry cheesecake shake blended with vanilla soft serve and real strawberry sauce, this was pretty refreshing and recommended too.

3.      Elaichi Chai
Fresh, refreshing, desi chai. Pretty good!


1.       Rustic Pizza
Crispy thin crust with decent amount of toppings. But pretty bland. It needed that additional splash of salt, oregano and chilli flakes.

2.      Nostalgic Shashlik
Paneer Skewers with cheesy sauce (was supposed to be spicy, but wasn’t really spicy at all) on a bed of pasta (generous portion of soft and nice penne pasta) with stir fried veggies (bell peppers, American corn and broccoli), wedges (few pieces of it) and creamed corn (loads of it!), with a creamy cheesy sauce on the side. While the portion was very nice, it lacked some spice to it as most of us Indian tastebuds desire. Since the spicy aspect from paneer skewers was missing, the entire plate tasted overly cheesey, with more of cheesey sauce on the side. Definitely needs some spices added to this (we used Tabasco sauce and chilli flakes).


1.       Rasmalai Stack Up
As the name suggests, there were three yummy perfect rasmalais stacked up on top of each other, with whipped cream and dry fruits splashed all over, on a galaxy shaped bed of caramel sauce. Something Indian and different.

Pricing and ambience wise, full points. Beautiful decor, youthful vibe, adequate lighting, clean place with very humble and prompt staff members. 5 stars for the staff whose service level is perfect. Will definitely go here with family and friends when in the area.


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