Say Cheese Festival At 1441 Pizzeria : Delicious Indulgence

Cute outlet with earthy yet vibrant ambiance and fantastic staff serving delicious, fresh, thin crust wood-fired oven pizzas, where we can choose from unlimited toppings, now how does life get any better than this! We had a half and half pizza with bell peppers, olives, broccoli + mushrooms, corn and onions. The sauce they used just elevated it to another level, and I am still drooling over it. 

We were here to review their Say Cheese Festival so we tried Stracciatella Pizza with rocket leaves, tomatoes, stracciatella, parmesan cheese along with Greek Cheese Pizza with white sauce,mozzarella,spinach, onions ,feta cheese. It was a half and half which tasted gourmet delish and I wish I had 4 stomachs so we could try all other varieties. Among dessert, we recommend the creamy and dreamy Chocolate Mousse + Nutella Pizza which was not overly sweet, good for someone like me with not much affinity for sweet things :) Suffice to say, will be back very soon. 


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