Satay Food Fest & More At Imperial China : Delicious Diaries Reloaded At Hilton Mumbai

I absolutely love Chinese food, yup, the Indian Chinese version. But over the years, my sensitive stomach has started rejecting the overly oily, spices and gravies laden chinese food we binge on throughout our college days without a second thought. I knew that my feast at Imperial China would be devoid of any such worries and I was so on point! Was here for a sneak peek at their ongoing Satay Food Fest and ended up feasting on some classic as well as innovative delicacies.

The ambiance is classic heritage, color scheme muted but elegant, choicest of arts and artifacts elevating the ambiance, staff is simply delightful, providing warmth in every interaction, service is quite fast, quality of food avant garde as expected from a brand such as Hilton. In the ongoing Satay Food Fest, we have a choice of veg as well as non veg satays. We tried and simply loved Paneer as well as Mushroom & Cheese satays. Pay special attention to accompanying sauces with every dish, they are brilliant. A special mention for their Jasmine Tea, has to be the strongest one I have had anywhere!

Among the specialties the good Chef prepared for us, we recommend..everything! We found distinct flavors, freshness and lip smacking quality (along with very good quantity) in every dish and there wasn't a single false note. We especially loved the Veg Imperial Dragon soup,choc a bloc with veggies & tofu, extremely crunchy and mildly spicy Chilly Basil Corn, mouth-watering Hot Basil Rice, unbelievably delicious Schezwan Eggplant (even my eggplant-hating-sister loved it!) and Chilly Baby Corn..told you,everything is superlative here. The entire dining experience has been a memorable one and cannot wait to be back here :)


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