Royal Feast At Family Tree Vegetarian Restaurant Thane : Delicious Diaries

Some places are so good that we do not mind travelling through the oceans and mountains to reach there. Family Tree Vegetarian Restaurant at Thane is just that splendid gem every family should visit together. It brings the essence of family dining alive in elegant, homely ambiance with extraordinarily attentive and polite service in tow, of course with delicious food in good portions taking the centerstage. Comfort. Elegance. Taste. Redefined.

Starting right from hearty wholesome Creamy Broccoli Soup to soft and succulent Paneer Makhmali Tikka, from sweet-spicy irresistible Shanghai Paneer to perfect doses of Hara Bhara Kebab, from little delights of Corn Shots and crunchy Pita Pocket Falafel to cheesy & mildly spicy Jalapeno Potatoes, we couldn’t find a single false note in flavours or textures anywhere. Nothing was overpowered or overpowering, all our taste-buds dancing in happy harmony. 

Authentic crackling Lachedar Paratha, stuffed Kulcha, fragrant and oh-so-light Dum Biryani and sweet delightful Navratan Korma made up the main meal of our day. We would have ordered more from their ever vast menu but alas, we are not endowed with 4 stomachs. Suffice to say that the vegetarian fare here is more than enough to please even a hardcore carnivore. 

For the kids at heart (just like me), Cold Coffees and Dessert Shakes here are straight ticket to heaven. Go for Mocha Chip or Roasted Almond Cold Coffee and you would make a trip here every day just for them! And do not miss the Raspberry Cheesecake shake, an unmissable indulgence for children of all ages. For those with typical dessert cravings, Paan Ice cream or Banoffee Pie would be more than sufficient to call you back. 

Food that is made with fresh & quality ingredients, with an amalgamation of all the flavours that Indian palate typically likes, yet bringing a modern twist to the recipes in an ambiance that encourages large groups/families to laugh & make memories while sharing a great meal, Family Tree has something for everyone and is definitely here to stay. I know my family for one cannot wait to go back soon :)



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