Cupcakes & More At The Boston Cupcakery : Delicious Diaries

Even though its name has Cupcakery, The Boston Cupcakery presents some excellent savory options that would keep pulling me back here. Luscious Cafe Nutella is my drink of choice while Barbeque Mushroom and Potato Rosti waffles have got to be the BEST waffles I have had in a long looooong time. Cupcakes are delicious, as expected, with my special love for Red Velvet, Sea Salt & Orange variants. Cupcake Icecreams taste as every bit as amazing as they sound. Ambiance is airy, elegant and cool enough to act as the perfect get-together place with friends. Staff is extremely polite and helpful so even though the prices are a bit on the higher side, it remains a must visit place for all and sundry :)


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