Euro Restaurant & Bar, Hotel Sahara Star : Delicious European Experience With FBAI

Authentic European Cuisine in the middle of Mumbai, that's what Euro serves in an elegant ambiance with impeccable service, at Hotel Sahara Star. 

Had the honor of being a part of its launch party with the good folks at FBAI where some delicious wines, breads, cheese and more awaited us.Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella with pesto olive dip went really well with the bountiful spread of fresh breads. A bevy of European dishes, with ample choices for vegetarians, made its way, right from Porcini Mushroom Soup to Pistachio Strudel with grilled Asparagus and Zabaglione and from Herb Tortellini with Morel Cream and Nicoise Vegetables to Stuffed Mushrooms Bow Pasta, each one striking a good balance between the light flavors and abundant textures.

Indian palate often seeks something full of spices and European food is often considered bland in comparison. But for the adventurous souls, there is enough to keep anyone happy. Take Truffle Risotto and Purple Potato Gnocchi for examples. Normally I won't consider them a part of my dinner menu but their simplicity hid a certain elegance that certainly refreshed me :)

Raspberry Custard with cocoa biscuit and macaroon AND Ginger Mousse with soft cocoa biscuit, rosemary snow and caramel were the showstopping desserts, a complex mix of sweet and savory, light and satisfying in every bite. Euro thus brings a unique dining experience for all the gourmands in Mumbai. I for one definitely look forward to coming back to taste their rotating dinner menu and I am sure you will too :) I hope my pictures do justice to this beautiful evening. Thank you FBAI, Sahara Star and do read a detailed review at A Beautiful Life blog.

  Euro Restaurant & Bar Hotel Sahara Star Food Photography FBAI Review
 Deluxe Five Star Luxury Hotel India Mumbai Photography
Euro Restaurant & Bar FBAI Review 
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 Euro Restaurant & Bar Hotel Sahara Star Food Photography FBAI Review
Food Bloggers Association of India FBAI Review 
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Hotel Sahara Star Food Photography
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