Indulge in Twist of India With The Gourmet Kitchen & Studios At Yiamas The Experimental Space, Mumbai

There is a food revolution afoot. When we talk of progressive, contemporary, experimental food, somehow the conversation always veers towards world cuisines while Indian cuisine is considered boring. Thanks to Chef Harsh Shodhan who is changing the perception with The Gourmet Kitchen & Studios by presenting fusion Indian cuisine, a twist to the traditional. It was thus an honor to attend the preview of Twist of India, a pop up restaurant serving fusion vegetarian pre-plated 6 course meal at Yiamas The Experimental Space. 

Yiamas is an empty canvas unlike any other banquet or event space in Mumbai. With wooden beams supporting Corinthian pillars, vintage balcony bringing a feel of Greek hamlets and minimalist interiors with colonial windows,plenty of natural light and heart warming music, this is one space that can be used for any event, from birthday parties and fashion shows to pop up restaurants and wedding receptions :) It was a pleasure to be here with some chosen gourmands of Mumbai for a preview of Twist of India. 

Imagine relishing a Paneer Makhani Taco or Mawa Cake with Chocolate Cardamom Mousse! Chef Harsh Shodhan has brought the heart and soul of India to our plates while incorporating plenty of fusion flavors. So we had the chance to relish lovely Masala Soda (spicy refreshing!), Arrabiatta and Burrata Dosa, Caramelized Kanda Bhajee on soft shell taco (sweet and crunchy, no one can eat just one), Ribbon Salad (healthy,fresh), Lemongrass infused Mung Daal soup (inventive, delicious, warm, herbal,must-have), Lasooni Fada Khichdi (Khichdi goes global here!) and Thandai Panna Cotta (mild and creamy,just the way I love desserts!). 

The actual Twist of India event will have a different menu with several more unique dishes and looking at what we relished here, I cannot wait to taste everything else too. Enjoy the monsoon weekend with Twist of India Pop Up Restaurant on 6th and 7th August 2016 at Yiamas The Experimental Space by booking the tickets at Townscript :) 
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