Love For Scotch AND Food With Diageo & British Brewing Company

Just about a week after the brilliant Diageo World Class Masterclass at Farzi Cafe, came the #LoveScotch Scotch-Food Pairing event at British Brewing Company at Palladium Mall, Mumbai and again, I was not the one to miss it :D It was all laid out in #BlackAndWhite for us as we navigated through some delicious food & delectable scotch pairings. Now I have always been a Vodka loving girl and would not have thought even in my wildest dreams that scotch would make its way into my heart but guess what, Black & White blended scotch whisky did :) The superstar service at British Brewing Company along with its eclectic ambiance is anyone's dream come true (especially so for a photographer). Then comes the super interactive masterclass by Afzal Kaba on Black & Ginger, Black & White Sour and White Julep paired with Cheesy logs, Paneer tikka and Mumbai Chilly and well,the evening couldn't be more perfect. Here is a look at what I am talking about and HERE is a description for the same. Now let the photos do the talking I say :)


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