Rainforest Resto-Bar R City Ghatkopar Mumbai : Delicious Diaries In A Forest In Middle of Mumbai

Ambiance of rainforest comes alive here, it literally feels like we are sitting in the middle of a dense jungle with a chimpanzee about to leap out at us any second, pleasant and unique setting, aided superbly by amazingly polite & helpful staff with excellent service and delicious food with large portions. Food is full of calories, rich in flavors and fragrance and as such, completely worth it even though priced at higher side.

Even though it is situated inside a mall, the outlet itself feels completely detached and in a world of its own. Hit international pop music lends young vibe with flat screen TVs screening pop music videos or current sports matches. Overall, definitely a must- visit place once, be it a group of friends or family. We tried many dishes, each was as expected, nothing gourmet, just lip-smacking food done very right, the starters are dense, cheesy and spicy to go perfectly with drinks, in main course I am partial to their Indian dishes, keeping alive the idea of tasting their Oriental and Italian dishes on my next visit :) This is what I would recommend from this first visit-

Blueberry Mojito, Rainforest Fantasy and Forest Spritzer, each one marvelous and refreshing,
Lemon Coriander Soup which was super duper spicy yet earthy flavored,
Bruschetta Rustica which was appropriately crunchy and wholesome,
Gorgonzola Stuffed Mushrooms which was cheesy, mildly spicy, saucy and so so juicy!
Paneer Angaray, the typical smokey Indian tandoori hint and medley of spices/herbs on soft paneer chunks,
Veg Dum Biryani, closer to authentic Biryani than what many hi-fi places serve :D Portion enough for 3 people, MUST-HAVE!
Kaju Makai Mirch Masala, mildly spicy blend of cashews,capsicum,corn in onion gravy,
Roti Platter with Tandoori Roti, Makai roti, Cheese Naan, each one better than the last, it serves 3-4 super-duper-gigantic hungry people,
Pizza Paratha, cheesy overload with chopped bits of veggies on a wholesome naan, how can this go wrong? Yum-yum!
Creamy ice-creams for dessert of course :)


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