Delicious Diaries : Pan Asian Delicacies At 38 Degree East

​Honored to be here for bloggers launch party,this place has a rocking ambiance spread over 3 floors, extremely polite and helpful staff, a huge menu with good choices in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and so on! The bar is well stocked, prices are reasonable for both quantity as well as quality and whatever we tried was extremely delicious,

Specially recommended are Wanton Nachos i.e. crispy fried wanton wraps topped with beans in tomato sauce and sichuan sauce;

Veg Tempura i.e. Jullienes of vegetables dipped in tempura batter and crispy fried,

Veg 7 Jewel Rice i.e.fried rice with loads of veggies in spicy sauce, and Thai Red Curry that was really fragrant + flavorful,

Extraordinarily warm & soothing Burmese Soup i.e. shredded vegetables and noodles cooked in creamy coconut soup,that the staff got for me specially since I was suffering from cold, the staff here is exceptionally helpful, extra points to them :)

And for dessert, loved Pisang Goreng i.e. batter fried cripsy banana fritters topped with honey and served with vanilla ice cream,

Absolutely recommended! ​


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