TAG GourmArt Kitchen By Ranveer Brar : Delicious Masterchef Diaries

​A proper masterchef experience awaits one and all, every dish here is a masterpiece in terms of conceptualization, execution and presentation. Ofcourse that means prices are high and portions are small but it is worth it for going at least once. Decor is very artistic and upbeat while the staff knows the menu inside out and gives nice recommendations. We tried almost half the menu and can't wait to go back.

My personal recommendations would be-
Hearty Tomato Cardamon Shorva with Ginger Chevre Sphere, Dhokla Crisps, Crispy Fava and Salted Methi,

Delicious Aubergine Caponata flatbread with Garlic Crumbs and Aged Balsamic with Pine Nuts,

Outstanding Seasonal Beans Hummus with Sweet Peas, Beans, Red Radish, Flax Seeds & Khakra Toast,

Very innovative Kale Papdi Chaat with Kale Fritters and Potato Puff tossed up into a chaat with Yoghurt espuma, TAG chutneys and tempura pearls as well as true melt in mouth Mushroom Galawat i.e. Lucknowi Galawat Kebab with a hint of truffle and sour dough crostinis,

Don't miss the delicious dessert of Chocolate Fondant with Orange, Thyme Center, Black Pepper Vanilla Ice Cream, as well as Lunch Special Veggie Dessert with Red Cabbage and Cranberry Panna Cotta, Yoghurt Sponge, Salted Caramel Walnut, Sweet Balsamic Caviar and Ginger crumble. If the descriptions have got your mouth watering, trust me when I say that the actual taste is even better :) ​
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