Classic Fusion At Bombay Vintage Colaba Mumbai : Delicious Diaries

Stunning ambiance that,mixed with classic jazzy tunes, immediately transports one to a world gone by. Bombay Vintage has got enough paraphernalia such as old clocks, faded photos and old world lamp-posts to make one gaze at them for hours, thankfully the food here (mostly fusion contemporary) adds to the experience positively too. A vast menu that brings classics such as pav bhaji and modern favorites such as pizza together, it comes at a higher price tag than usual but surely the ambiance, the service and quality of food itself redeems the price points. 

Continental Pav Bhaji (bhaji made with exotic veggies), Clay oven baked cottage cheese (so smokey good), Sabudana Croquettes (delicious turn on our own sabudana vada), Vegetable Stroganoff (Herbed rice with creamy exotic veggies), Thai Biryani (spicy pulao with thai curry making it a complete meal for 2), Chocolate Brownie (soft, dense, sinful) are some recommendations. A must visit place for an elegant date or special occasion with friends or family.



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