#GetBroasted With Genuine Broaster Chicken : Tales Of A Vegetarian!

Genuine Broaster Chicken. No way a vegetarian is going to find anything here, maybe except a Veg Burger and some Fries. This is how all us vegetarian bloggers thought when we landed here for a review. But we were in for a surprise! 

First of all, the ambiance is so funky, I hope my pictures do justice to all the vibrancy. Then, we had the honor of watching Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi of 'Namak Shamak' fame deep in thoughts! Finally, we had the pleasure of browsing through the menu carefully curated by him with more than enough options to please even hardcore vegetarians :)

Cold Coffee, Raspberry Milkshake, Salted Caramel were the outstanding drinks while we browsed through a medley of vegetarian options in a Chicken based eatery! Thai Paneer Cigars, Palak Paneer Burger, Lachcha Paratha, Maa ki Daal, Paneer Maskedar..yup, just a glimpse of some delicacies that await every veggie here. Every flavor spot on, full of calories of course, spicy, portions could be a bit better but thankfully not exorbitantly priced and great music selection + spot on service. Desserts brought us Gulkand Muffin and Chocolate Samosa, both quite delicious but the Samosa served with Mango Ice Cream bringing the neanderthal out of us, it was that outstanding! Read an in-depth review at A Beautiful Life blog and do check out the pictures of the memorable evening here :)

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Genuine Broaster Chicken


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