Official Food Photographer For Shloka Cake Factory :)

Desserts is not really my thing. It is more my sister's reason for existence :D Having said that, I cannot say no to chocolates. Who can? So when I was lured into doing a photoshoot for an up and coming lovely home-baker Shloka Nora with promise of free chocolates, how could I turn it down (there could be a different story to that,but for the time being,let's stick to this version..shhhh! :D) Well, here is my very first stint as an official food photographer! I hope I have done justice to the masterpieces that Shloka creates!

I had never done any sort of professional food styling or shoot ever before and as Shloka presented some of her choicest wares,it just made me more nervous. However, with just a bit of natural light angles and using chocolate pieces, candy wrappers, berries and cheese as accessories, I think we managed to create something beautiful :) And later, I was privileged to binge on that amazing red velvet cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake plus chocolate cupcakes and trust me, they are the BEST ever I have tasted! My sister,the big foodie agrees. We cannot wait till Shloka sets up her own website and social media handles so that many others also get to sample these goodies. They are better than what many premium gourmet dessert places offer, hands down :)

Here is to you my lovely friend, Shloka :)


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