Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015

Just browsing through my big folder of pictures, I was reminded of how excited I am every year, when it is that time of the year :P Yup, when it is time to attend the annual extravaganza of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai! I have been going there as a visitor with my family for almost a decade now, i.e. from almost its very inception . We have seen it bloom into something spectacular, something that makes Mumbai proud and gives a new color to its free-spirit identity and most importantly,it is a platform for budding artists of all kinds. There are photographs, digital art installations, film screenings, dance and song performances, arts & crafts fair, workshops and what not,spread over almost a week of joyful brouhaha. I look forward to going there and be a part of the wonderful crowd milling around. I hope my pictures bring forth that joy :) Please do check out other years of Kala Ghoda too :)

Freedom... Creativity... Joy... Kala Ghoda symbolizes all this for me and here is wishing to be a part of this journey for many more years to come :)


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